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Ewa Jasiewicz

Ewa JasiewiczEwa Jasiewicz is a Palestine solidarity activist, union organiser and part of the editorial collective of Le Monde Diplomatique Polish Edition.

Beating the blacklist June 2015

Dave Smith spoke to Ewa Jasiewicz about his fight against the corporate blacklists that keep union activists out of a job

If I can’t dance dabke in Nigel Farage’s local pub, it’s not my revolution March 2015

As the far right steps up its harassment of the organisers of the Beyond UKIP Cabaret, Ewa Jasiewicz shares what the event meant to her

We can’t just tweet in the face of genocide August 2014

Ewa Jasiewicz, activist with London Palestine Action, explains how you can join the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel's massacre and occupation

Alien elements July 2014

Ewa Jasiewicz discusses the work of Joanna Rajkowska, whose public art highlights tensions in the public consciousness

Justice not jumpers January 2014

As more and more people face a choice between eating or heating this winter, it’s high time the ‘big six’ energy companies begin to feel the heat, says Ewa Jasiewicz

Beating the blacklisters November 2013

A police raid exposing the scale of worker surveillance within the construction industry galvanised workers to take action. Ewa Jasiewicz speaks to those organising against the blacklisters.

Relief can be revolutionary August 2013

In the final installment of Ewa Jasiewicz’s blogs from Syria she explores the role that local relief organisations play in supporting the revolution

You are now entering the liberated area of Ma’rrat al Numan August 2013

Ewa Jasiewicz travels to Ma’arrat al Numan – the frontline Syrian town that eventually managed to oust regime troops

Sponge Bob ‘Jeysh al Hurr’ August 2013

Ewa Jasiewicz discovers an unexpected symbol of the Syrian revolution in the fourth part of her blog series.

Hama here and there August 2013

The story of Masoud, a wanted Syrian refugee, continues in part three of a series of blogs by Ewa Jasiewicz

Remembering Aleppo August 2013

The second blog in a series on Ewa Jasiewicz's trip to Syria, tells us the dramatic story of Masoud.

Solidarity with Syria August 2013

Ewa Jasiewicz explains the urgent need for left-wing activists in the West to act in solidarity with Syrian liberation struggles

EDF’s abuse of power April 2013

Power company EDF hit the headlines by threatening to sue climate campaigners for £5 million. Ewa Jasiewicz, one of the protesters, explains why they targeted the company

Blue-collar casuals and the spread of precarity December 2012

Union organiser Ewa Jasiewicz looks at the increasing precarity of migrant and agency workers – and how they are fighting back

Keep Radical, and Carry On: The Cuts Cafe September 2012

Cuts Cafe opens its doors on October 5th, Ewa Jasiewicz explains what will be happening in the cafe.

In a sniper’s sights August 2012

The Only House Left Standing: the Middle East journals of Tom Hurndall, reviewed by Ewa Jasiewicz

Poverty pay is no alternative to workfare: Why we’re telling Sainsbury’s to Pay Up July 2012

Ewa Jasiewicz writes on the campaign to win supermarket workers a Living Wage

After the flotilla September 2010

Ewa Jasiewicz considers the impact in Palestine, Israel and internationally

An anthropology of civil war February 2010

Ewa Jasiewicz looks at Austrian film director Michael Haneke's tenth film The White Ribbon, an unflinching gaze into the elemental roots of ideological violence

Divide and torture May 2009

The military onslaught on Gaza may have halted but the economic and political onslaught continues. Ewa Jasiewicz reports on a people under siege

A house upon them January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz speaks with the victims of Israels attacks

Kamal Odwan’s ‘mosque’ January 2009

Missiles have been falling throughout the afternoon 'ceasefire' reports Ewa Jasiewicz

The ceasefire January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz in Beit Hanoun and Jabaliya

Lemma, Haya and Iman January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Beit Hanoon

There is a light … December 2008

The world must turn the light of conscience into activism, says Ewa Jasiewicz

Civilians dead December 2008

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Gaza on the devastation wreaked by the Israeli air strikes

Gaza today: ‘This is only the beginning’ December 2008

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Gaza on the 'darkest night people have seen in their lifetimes'

Hope in dark times April 2008

The peace agreement between the Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga achieves calm but not peace. Meanwhile, many Kenyans are trying to make peace themselves. Ewa Jasiewicz talks to some of those involved

‘I do not recognise the authority of the Israeli judiciary’ October 2004

Red Pepper contributor Ewa Jasiewicz says her recent expulsion from Tel Aviv is indicative of a widespread crackdown on international journalists and human rights activists in Israel

The fire sometime September 2003

Baghdad is choking in a 57 degree heat and a sweltering sense of fear. Water shortages and pollution are dehydrating the city and diseases such as diphtheria, hepatitis and typhoid are rife. Raw green sewage bubbles in the streets.

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