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Latin America

  • A photo of Machu Picchu

    What poetry on ruins can teach us about our present struggles

    Ruined spaces and their poetics offer valuable insights into contemporary struggles and injustices, says Cecilia Enjuto Rangel

  • A man in a suit points at the camera, smiling, from a crowded stage

    Challenges ahead for Colombia’s new government

    Leading a leftist government in a right-wing country, Gustavo Petro’s plans for economic reform face opposition – including from within his own political alliance. Daniela Díaz Rangel reports

  • A montage of illustrations showing trans rights activist alongside archive images of protest and legislative wins

    How trans rights activists changed Argentina

    Argentina’s groundbreaking gender identity laws were won through longstanding activist traditions, diverse tactics and solidarity. The experience has lessons for us all, write Alessandra Viggiano and Siobhán McGuirk

  • A map on which the countries marked in red have enforced compulsory voting. By SPQRobin (licensed under Creative Commons)

    Compulsory voting: the debate

    Judith Brett outlines Australia’s experience with – and makes the case for – compulsory voting, whilst Daniel Chavez shows how, for the left in Uruguay, compulsory voting is an essential foundation on which more direct forms of democracy have been built

  • Photo by MarioDelgadoSi (Flickr)

    What’s left? The rise of authoritarian politics in Latin America

    Once swept by a ‘pink tide’, the continent is now seeing the rise of authoritarian politics. What lessons are to be learnt from the varied left experiences? By Jenny Pearce

  • International development has failed. krauze-development

    Essay: The death of international development

    ‘Development’ has failed to deliver. The reason, Jason Hickel argues, is that development organisations have failed to address the structural drivers of poverty

  • The Cybersyn Opsroom

    Cybersyn and Allende’s socialist internet

    Leigh Phillips tells the story of Cybersyn, Chile’s experiment in non-centralised economic planning which was cut short by the 1973 coup

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