Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below then do get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page. Please bear in mind that we’re a small team and we receive a lot of enquiries but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How often is Red Pepper magazine published? Red Pepper is quarterly. Subscribe to receive four issues a year.

What are the subscription options? See our subscriptions page.

Do you deliver magazines outside of the UK? Yes, please see our international subscription offers.

I need to change my delivery address, or cancel my subscription. For all Red Pepper magazine subscriptions enquiries, please email subs [at] It is better to email than phone as we are often out of the office.

If we receive notification that you have cancelled the payments for your subscription to Red Pepper, we will cancel the delivery of the magazine. However, if you wish to receive any remaining issues that you may have paid for, please notify us by emailing subs [at] and we’ll get them sent out.

If you are cancelling because you no longer want paper magazines, why not take a look at subscribing to the digital version.


How can I write for Red Pepper? We mostly commission articles for the magazine, but if you have an idea or want to write something specifically for the website then please send a summary to  submissions [@]  Please bear in mind that we are a volunteer-led organisation and we receive too many submissions to provide a detailed response to all, but we’ll do our best. Find out more about writing for Red Pepper.

Can I reprint an article from Red Pepper, or translate it into another language? We are normally happy for non-profit organisations, campaign groups or other media outlets to reproduce articles from Red Pepper, but we may ask for a small donation from those that can afford it, to help cover the costs of producing content for Red Pepper. Please email  contact [@]  for more information.

I love Red Pepper, what can I do to support you? To become a Friend of Red Pepper with a regular donation is a brilliant way to support us and help provide us with some regular funding. Here are 9 more ways you can help.

Can I volunteer at Red Pepper? If there are any vacant voluntary roles then you will see them advertised on our blog. If you have your own ideas about how you could get involved then please email  contact [@]  to arrange a chat. With only part-time staff we may not have the capacity to support volunteers so there is no guarantee we can offer you a position.

Will you review my book? If you feel that your book would be of interest to Red Pepper readers in particular then please send a copy to: Reviews Editor, Red Pepper, 44-48 Shepherdess Walk, London, N1 7JP. Unfortunately we can not review all of the books that we receive and will choose the ones that we feel will be of most interest to our readers.

Can you publicise my event? To discuss Red Pepper being a media partner for your event please contact  liam [@]

Where can I find a copy of Red Pepper? You will find Red Pepper magazine in all good radical bookshops and some branches of WH Smith and Waterstones. Here is a list of shops that normally stock the magazine. If you can’t find us in your local book store or newsagents then please ask them to consider stocking Red Pepper. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a copy!

Advertising: To place an advert please contact  michael [@]  To discuss partnership working that could include an advert swap please email  liam [@]

Press: As an independent and non partisan magazine of the left we seek to establish a platform for debate and sharing of ideas amongst the progressive green left in the UK and across the world. For interview requests and quotes please contact liam [@]