On our own terms
Emma Hughes spoke to Andy Greene from Disabled People Against Cuts

A poem in memory of our disabled dead
Merry Cross writes to mark this week's International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Getting rich on disability denial
Debbie Jolly reports on US insurance giant Unum, whose ‘biopsychosocial model’ is being used to justify the devastating cuts in disability benefits

The benefit freeze: taking from the poorest to give to the richest?
Debbie Jolly and Merry Cross from the Disabled People Against Cuts group, write that the Coalition’s promise to protect disabled people has been proven to be an outright lie

Able to fight: How disabled people are taking on the Tories
As the Paralympics open, disabled people are facing an onslaught of cuts. But as Lorna Stephenson discovers, disabled activists are a force to be reckoned with

Atos sponsors the Paralympics? It’s enough to make you scream
The role played by disabled groups, far from being one of passive victims, is exemplary for collective resistance, writes Michael Calderbank

Remploy: Factories floored
There has been a wave of resistance to plans to close Remploy factories, which provide safe employment to disabled people. Tim Hunt reports

Organising ourselves
Anne-Marie O’Reilly presents a roundtable discussion of grassroots community organisers

The bedrock of autonomy
A life beyond illness rests on a delicate and complex web, writes Mike Marqusee

Atos: tick-box tyranny
Tim Hunt looks at Atos, the company charged with assessing who should receive disability benefit