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  • Love and marriage in the Red Pepper archives

    Dig into the Red Pepper archive to explore how socialist feminist perspectives have evolved since 1994

  • Illustrations of people building around a computer and smartphone

    Welcome to our new website – funded by YOU!

    Support for vibrant, radical, independent media is essential. As we’re fixing few glitches and bugs, so is your feedback!

  • Illustrations of revolutionary moments in Pan-African history

    Freedom songs for total liberation 

    Ubax Abdi and Chief Nyamweya reflect on pan-Africanism past and future while Lena Grace Anyuolo poems express a pan-African socialist woman’s perspective

  • A promotional photo for the 2023 season of Love Island featuring the show's cast.

    Love Island and emotional labour

    Love Island is not just a reflection of the dominant model of love, but part of its ideological reproduction, writes Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

  • Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a white man wearing a suit with his hands clasped, speaks into a microphone against a backdrop of more white men in suits listening from their seats in the European Parliament

    Bad news from Greece: round one

    Former Syriza member Marina Prentoulis examines the results of the first round of the Greek elections and explains the party’s continued decline

  • A picture of the procession down Whitehall of the Kings golden carriage on his coronation day

    Simon Hedges is just coronated

    As Britain readies to crown King Charles III, the late Queen’s large adult son, Simon Hedges shares his vision for the momentous occasion

  • A glass fronted building with the BBC logo above its entrance

    New elite or old right-wing defence tactics?

    Rhian E Jones examines the right-wing narrative of the ‘new elite’ imposing a progressive agenda upon the majority – and why such claims are nothing new

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