Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt
Tim Hunt is a Red Pepper commissioning editor.

G4S: Private muscle for hire

3 December 2012 G4S's Olympic failure hasn’t stopped the government from handing it more services, Tim Hunt reports

Event: Tackling tax havens

6 September 2012 Ethical Consumer magazine to host event tackling the issue of tax justice on 28 September

Remploy: Factories floored

13 August 2012 There has been a wave of resistance to plans to close Remploy factories, which provide safe employment to disabled people. Tim Hunt reports

Audio: May elections – Jenny Jones interview

10 April 2012 Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate for London mayor, speaks to Red Pepper's Tim Hunt and Michael Calderbank

Manchester rambler

12 June 2011 Tim Hunt is given an unconventional tour of Manchester by Morag Rose of the Loiterers’ Resistance Movement

Web freedom

23 May 2011 Tim Hunt reviews An Open Web

Seeking sanctuary

15 May 2011 Tim Hunt explores a project that fosters local support and practical help for asylum seekers

Atos: tick-box tyranny

27 February 2011 Tim Hunt looks at Atos, the company charged with assessing who should receive disability benefit

Both a borrower and a lender be

17 January 2011 We should extend libraries far beyond books, argues Tim Hunt

A neoliberal assault on women

25 July 2010 The coalition's cuts will hit women hardest, says Tim Hunt, as he lays out a gender audit of the budget

Workers of the world, co-operate!

16 June 2010 Tim Hunt looks at what role workers' co-operatives could play in bringing about social change

Breaking rank

14 January 2010 Tim Hunt speaks to Clare Glenton, wife of Joe Glenton, the British soldier facing court martial for refusing to return to Afghanistan

Biotech bonanza

22 November 2009 Last year's global food crisis made millions for agro-giant Monsanto. Tim Hunt fails to find any redeeming features in this corporate behemoth