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  • Illustration shows Labour leader Keir Starmer walking on a 'tight rope' that is the needle of a syringe

    The urgent case for a people’s NHS

    In the face of severe underfunding and creeping privatisation, Tony O’Sullivan looks at how a new government can counter the twin attacks on the NHS

  • Reform UK leader Nigel Farage speaking at a rally with a backdrop reading 'Britain needs reform'

    Immigration is not the issue

    Immigration is not a real concern for voters, argues Daniel Sohenge, but the language around it is a major problem. We must demand a new approach – prioritising dignity and respect

  • Skyscrapers in the City of London at night, taken during the 2018 super moon

    Vulture Capitalism – review

    Grace Blakeley’s latest book is a vitally needed analysis of the rot at the heart of neoliberal capitalism, writes Harry Cross

  • Green Party co-leader Carla Dreyer wearing googles and a high vis vest talking to independent businesses in Bristol

    The Green Party: socialists on bikes

    After making gains in the 2024 election, Philip Proudfoot spells out why the Green Party is a suitable political home for eco-socialists looking for a democratic vehicle for change

  • On a red background there are eight headshots of politicians: including Jeremy Corbyn, Leanne Mohammed, Jamie Driscoll and Lutfur Rahman.

    Who’s left to vote for?

    A vacuum has developed on the left in UK electoral politics. Are any parties or independents ready to step in? Red Pepper surveys the contenders to watch out for at the 2024 General Election

  • An illustration of Kier Starmer watering a plant that resembles the tree from the Conservative Party logo. A pot with a rose is knocked over and some people hold an RMT banner.

    Keir Starmer’s bad history

    With his insights as a historian of the modern UK, David Edgerton looks at Labour’s new affinity with the Tories

  • An illustration featuring NHS, online booking, full waiting rooms, long lines

    Health workers on strike: taking action, forcing change

    Striking health workers share their reflections on a year of industrial action – and the path forward for the NHS

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