June 2022

Bad Gays: A Homosexual History – review

30 June 2022 Claire Biddles reviews a radical rethinking of queer history and politics

Green dreams, empty coffers shape Nottingham’s rebuild

28 June 2022 As city centre redevelopment plans rumble on, Siobhán McGuirk asks if the east Midlands city can put people before private interests

How trans rights activists changed Argentina

26 June 2022 Ten years ago Argentina passed groundbreaking gender identity laws, a victory won through solidarity, diverse tactics and longstanding activist traditions. The experience has lessons for us all, write Alessandra Viggiano and Siobhán McGuirk

Mick Lynch media mania – the appeal of workers’ power

25 June 2022 Style backed by serious politics can cut through in a hostile media landscape, writes Ewan Gibbs

‘I feel trapped in violence that extends from Palestine to the UK’

23 June 2022 Pádraig Ó Meiscill speaks to Shahd Abusalama about the enforced separation of her family, defeating smear campaigns and the cruelty of the Home Office.

The campaign for a democratic socialist Philippines

21 June 2022 Following the victory of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in this year's Philippine presidential election, Walden Bello details how he and Leody de Guzman sought to forge a new path for a revitalised Philippine left

Reviving student action and strike solidarity

19 June 2022 The Red Square Movement outline the recent history of student resistance in the UK and their work in organising co-ordinated national action

Solidarity knows no borders

18 June 2022 Coalition building is essential practice in the battle for immigrants’ rights, says Alex Kempton. In threatening times, groups big and small must unite to win

Racism forced me to leave teaching

16 June 2022 Reflecting on his teaching career, Rohan Rice suggests racism inherent in England’s school system is driving out teachers of colour

A leafy low-rise square with the burned remains of Grenfell Tower in the background

Five years of inaction after Grenfell

14 June 2022 Grenfell happened because of deregulation, writes Daniel Renwick, yet five years after the disaster, far too little has changed

Key Words: Neoliberal economics

10 June 2022 In the first in a series on ‘neoliberalism’, Gregk Foley traces the birth of an economic ideology

Socialist world, where are you?

7 June 2022 Examining left movements in Ireland and elsewhere, Lorna Bogue suggests that the conditions created by neoliberalism may prove fertile ground for its downfall

Let them eat (Jubilee) cake

2 June 2022 As the Queen celebrates 70 years on the throne, Laura Clancy asks if it’s finally time to abolish the monarchy

The housing crisis is the result of a failed economic experiment: I know, I’m from Hull

1 June 2022 By Jon Bailey, shortlisted for the Dawn Foster Memorial Essay Prize 2022

A woman in front of a concrete panel house

Life and housing on an Oxford estate

1 June 2022 By Connor Woodman, shortlisted for the Dawn Foster Memorial Essay Prize 2022

The pre-teen and the influencer: how the rise of the landlord class hurts us all

1 June 2022 By Kathryn Wheeler, shortlisted for the Dawn Foster Memorial Essay Prize

Photo of Dawn Foster and test reading Dawn Foster memorial essay

Dawn Foster memorial essay prize

1 June 2022 Dawn Foster (1986-2021) was a brilliant and fearless working-class journalist who made a significant impact with her work on housing

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