February 2022

Egypt at 100

28 February 2022 Heba Taha explores the drastic political transformations of the Egyptian state 100 years since independence

Fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in China

25 February 2022 Qiuyan Chen sued the Chinese ministry of education over homophobic textbooks. She writes about her battle for LGBTQ+ rights in China and the UK

A choir in colourful outfits with arms outstretched

Revitalising artistic activism in the age of art-wash

23 February 2022 We must be looking to artistic interventions that are inclusive, transformative and embody true solidarity, writes Chris Garrard

Education for an alternative

21 February 2022 Daniel Eales argues that the upcoming UCU strikes highlight both education’s current problems and offer alternatives to them

Compulsory voting: the debate

19 February 2022 Judith Brett outlines Australia’s experience with – and makes the case for – compulsory voting, whilst Daniel Chavez shows how, for the left in Uruguay, compulsory voting is an essential foundation on which more direct forms of democracy have been built

The war on the Uyghurs

17 February 2022 Moazzam Begg joins the dots between his own experience of the ‘war on terror’ and the repression of the Uyghur people at the hands of the Chinese state

Can Boric’s government end Chile’s Mapuche conflict?

15 February 2022 The president-elect’s new cabinet lacks indigenous representation. Will his government also ignore Mapuche demands? Carole Concha Bell reports

The failure of ‘shareholder democracy’

12 February 2022 With concentrating shareholder wealth, voice, power and better pay is what really gives workers a stake in society writes Andrew Speke

Israeli apartheid: an international consensus

10 February 2022 Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Ben Jamal explains the impact of Amnesty International naming Israel’s apartheid crimes

Fighting workplace surveillance

8 February 2022 Jamie Woodcock examines the growing range of tools bosses use to spy on their workers – and how they can be resisted

Rejecting the new cold war

6 February 2022 Western leftists must avoid short-sighted or ignorant support for the Chinese Communist Party, which is a far cry from a socialist regime, writes Brian Hioe

A ‘red’ new deal for China?

4 February 2022 Kevin Lin looks at what lies behind China’s recent economic policy pronouncements – and to what extent they can be considered to be progressive

Mali protests highlight French influence

1 February 2022 While sanctions imposed by ECOWAS have triggered protests, a deeper rejection of French control is surfacing in Mali, writes Fanny Pigeaud

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