March 2021

Low traffic neighbourhoods: Making fairer, safer, cities

31 March 2021 Low traffic neighbourhoods are part of building a fairer city, argues Rachel Aldred

Review – Misbehaving

29 March 2021 A new edited volume emphasises that the personal is political and highlights the power of spectacular direct action, says Alice Robson

Review – Work Won’t Love You Back

27 March 2021 Subtitled 'how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted and alone', Sarah Jaffe's book explores one of neoliberalism's most insidious sleights of hand, writes Marzena Zukowska

As mayor, I’ll fight to fix London’s broken housing system

26 March 2021 Londoners need a mayor who will fight for housing reform and rent controls, argues Green Party candidate Sian Berry

Free, safe, legal, local

24 March 2021 Emma Campbell describes the long fight for reproductive rights in Northern Ireland

lllustration of a bow tie

My pandemic year in the rearview

23 March 2021 Our 'sensible' columnist Simon Hedges found himself a job during lockdown – as his father's butler

A feminist municipalist manifesto

22 March 2021 Municipalism can learn from feminism how to reclaim politics and redistribute power, argues Laura Roth of the Feminisation of Politics Network

From the Commune to communalism

18 March 2021 March–May 2021 marks 150 years since the Paris Commune. Mathijs van de Sande and Gaard Kets explore its legacy and enduring relevance for today’s left

Anti-war protest in London, 1990

How the first Gulf War shaped the British left

11 March 2021 The brief first Gulf War shaped the left's view of US imperialism in a post-Cold War world. Thirty years on, Evan Smith considers how it also exposed the limitations in the British left's ability to build a mass movement

In Chile, a feminist green wave rises

8 March 2021 As Chile rewrites its Pinochet-era constitution, feminists are seizing the opportunity to legally enshrine women's reproductive rights. Carole Concha Bell reports

Lockdown live: ‘The politics of truth’

4 March 2021 Join Marcus Gilroy-Ware, Sarah Jaffe, Thomas Konda and Hilary Wainwright to tackle conspiracy theories, fake news, and the increasing precarity of 'truth'

Sudan: the second wave of revolt

3 March 2021 The Sudanese revolution has been unique in its depth and scope. Yet the path to progress remains fraught with obstacles, writes Sara Abbas

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