February 2015

Classic book: Open Veins of Latin America

28 February 2015 Grace Livingstone looks back at Open Veins of Latin America: Five centuries of the pillage of a continent, by Eduardo Galeano


27 February 2015 Ujamaa: The hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages, by Ralph Ibbott, reviewed by Ruth London

Drug War Capitalism

26 February 2015 Drug War Capitalism, by Dawn Paley, reviewed by Jen Wilton

Essay: The death of international development

25 February 2015 ‘Development’ has failed to deliver. The reason, Jason Hickel argues, is that development organisations have failed to address the structural drivers of poverty

A manifesto for global justice

25 February 2015 Ditching development doesn’t mean simply changing language – it’s about radicalising our demands and reassessing old and new political ideas. Nick Dearden makes some suggestions for a global justice manifesto

Editorial: The end of poverty

25 February 2015 Over the past two decades the war on global poverty has been co‑opted, writes Nick Dearden

A happy ending for the romcom?

25 February 2015 The romantic comedy as we know it is dying – and it fills my feminist heart with joy, writes Jessie Thompson

‘Full of agony and pain’: one lesbian’s fight against the racist immigration system

25 February 2015 Aderonke Apata, sentenced to death for her sexuality, fled to Britain – now she needs our support to win the right to stay, writes Howard Galois

Method and Madness

25 February 2015 Method and Madness: the hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza, by Norman G Finkelstein, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Captive Revolution

24 February 2015 Captive Revolution: Palestinian women’s anti-colonial struggle within the Israeli prison system, by Nahla Abdo, reviewed by Kitty Webster

Smelling salts for the left: Russell Brand’s Revolution

22 February 2015 What if you actually read Russell Brand's book, instead of dismissing it as the mainstream media has? Alex Nunns writes

Defending rights against the right

22 February 2015 The rights of those who have least are under concerted attack, says Nina Power. We must organise to protect them

Podemos: Politics by the people

22 February 2015 Andrew Dolan interviews Eduardo Maura of Podemos, the people-powered party that is transforming Spanish politics

The Aylesbury estate: the latest front in the battle against social cleansing

16 February 2015 Morgan Meaker speaks to residents and campaigners fighting the London estate's demolition

Win citizen journalism training

15 February 2015 Enter our free prize draw to win a place on Stir To Action's workshop - worth £75

Sherlock Holmes, the British Museum & an oily villain

14 February 2015 On Global Divestment Day Chris Garrard says its time for cultural institutions to cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry

‘Faster, faster, faster’: The diary of a hotel cleaner

13 February 2015 In the opening post of a new blog project, the anonymous 'Maid in London' describes her first day cleaning a luxury London hotel

Political policing against Ireland’s water movement

11 February 2015 Oliver Eagleton writes on the arrest of activists and the growing revolt over austerity

Pink van woman: Politics shouldn’t feel like a shopping list

11 February 2015 When it comes to engaging women, Labour needs a plan that’s less Ocado van and more Casserole Club, writes Anya Pearson

Win tickets to see Maxine Peake at the Royal Court Theatre

9 February 2015 Enter our free prize draw to win a pair of tickets to see How to Hold Your Breath

Upping the ante against Israeli apartheid

3 February 2015 Charges have been dropped against nine members of London Palestine Action who occupied the roof of an arms factory near Birmingham.

Southern rising

1 February 2015 How should activists respond to the emerging powers in the global South, and what hope can we draw from them? In the first of this selection of pieces by Southern writers, Vijay Prashad argues that Latin America’s ‘pink tide’ still offers radical hope, but so far has failed to gain the support from the bigger nations that could really upset the global balance of power

Seeds of revolt

1 February 2015 Ghana’s farmers are in a battle for their food system – and the UK is backing the wrong side, says Food Sovereignty Ghana

A good climate for business

1 February 2015 Sean Farmelo reports from the Lima climate conference and reflects on what the global climate movement needs to learn before the Paris conference this year

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about being English

1 February 2015 'I am reasonably confident that my attitude to my Englishness is quite healthy, so let me share it'

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