April 2013

Turkey: A people imprisoned

27 April 2013 Once seen as a moderate party, the AKP government in Turkey is using anti-terrorism legislation to unleash a wave of repression against the left and the Kurdish movement. Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod spoke to activists in the country

Sexism and the left: Fight the (invisible) power

26 April 2013 Recent controversies over allegations of sexual abuse and violence raise urgent questions about the dynamics of power and authority in our own organisations, argues Zoe Stavri

Days of hope: The Spirit of ’45 review

25 April 2013 Ken Loach’s The Spirit of ’45 is not just an exercise in nostalgia but a compelling intervention into the politics of the present, writes Alex Nunns

Furthering the fightback

24 April 2013 The question of what new political formation is possible or necessary must always begin from the daily experience and needs of working class communities, writes Michael Calderbank

US: Fighting foreclosures, making the banks pay

23 April 2013 Stephen Lerner and Saqib Bhatti report on the scale of the housing crisis facing ordinary Americans post-crash, and the growth of housing justice and bank accountability activism across the US

Mythbuster: Home truths about housing

22 April 2013 Red Pepper’s guide to the reality behind the housing crisis

Beyond the Fragments is more than history

21 April 2013 The book was part of challenging the left's methods of organisation, writes Alice Robson - and that struggle continues today as it is republished

Can’t pay, won’t move: resisting the bedroom tax

21 April 2013 With a new raft of housing benefit cuts hitting this month, including the infamous ‘bedroom tax’, tenants are getting angry – and organised. Izzy Koksal meets some of them

Meet Red Pepper’s new co-editor, Michelle Zellers

21 April 2013 Michelle Zellers introduces herself, her reasons for wanting to be part of Red Pepper and her hopes for its future

Bedroom tax: Lessons in morality from Iain Duncan Smith

18 April 2013 Kara Moses reflects on the experience of protesting at the Tory minister’s mansion – and offers a glimpse of the luxury he enjoys while lecturing us about ‘fairness’

Reviewing the NHS – speaking ill of the dead

18 April 2013 Junior doctor Paul Teed says patient satisfaction surveys give an illusion of ‘choice’ in the NHS – but bad reviews don’t create more capacity or employ more staff

Film review: The Gatekeepers

17 April 2013 Brian Precious reviews a documentary that shows the calculated brutality of Israel’s security services – using their own words

Thatcher didn’t save the economy, she wrecked it – and we’re still paying the price

17 April 2013 Alex Nunns argues that the right's celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s economic record are an attempt to rewrite history

Thatcher funeral: an alternative eulogy

16 April 2013 As Margaret Thatcher is seen off with pomp and circumstance, John Millington says her real legacy lies in the hollowed-out factories of Britain

We need to challenge the myths that poison attempts at progressive change

16 April 2013 Hilary Wainwright introduces the first in a series of mythbusters produced by Class, in collaboration with Red Pepper.

EDF’s abuse of power

15 April 2013 Power company EDF hit the headlines by threatening to sue climate campaigners for £5 million. Ewa Jasiewicz, one of the protesters, explains why they targeted the company

Thatcher: You’ve got to fight! For the left! To party!

12 April 2013 Commentators claim Thatcher ‘death parties’ are the thoughtless, tasteless products of a bandwagon-jumping youth. They should have more imagination, writes Siobhán McGuirk. This is an iconoclastic moment

Fighting back against finance

12 April 2013 Financialisation is the common ground for a multiplicity of struggles, writes Sarah-Jayne Clifton

Yield of dreams

11 April 2013 Nick Hildyard investigates the rise of private equity investment infrastructure funds in overseas development, and how they are turning public infrastructure into a new ‘asset class’

Fingers in the PFI

11 April 2013 Twenty years on from the introduction of the private finance initiative (PFI), Dexter Whitfield examines the effect it has had – and how it’s set to get worse under new Tory plans

Thatcher vs Bin Laden: the Daily Mail’s views on ‘sick death parties’

10 April 2013 Leigh Phillips says that the idea of 'showing respect for the dead' seems to be somewhat selective

Review: Riots Reframed

9 April 2013 Michael Pooler reviews a film that gives an alternative view of the 2011 riots

Thatcher: I don’t feel like dancin’

9 April 2013 Lynne Segal says those eager to dance on Thatcher’s grave have much thinking to do.

Dispelling the Thatcher myths

9 April 2013 Alex Nunns offers an antidote to the media fawning over Thatcher – and argues her biggest victory was getting her opponents to buy into her mythology

Five songs for the Thatcher funeral party

8 April 2013 On this sad day for the nation, Oscar Reyes suggests some tunes to help us all remember

Venezuela: Different priorities

3 April 2013 Jeffrey R Webber looks at the myths and the realities of the late Hugo Chávez’s impact on Venezuela, and considers the challenges ahead

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