October 2013

Feminist web round-up

30 October 2013 Feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin tells us what she's been reading online this month.

Abortion: old war, new battles

28 October 2013 Comedian Kate Smurthwaite explains why we must continue to fight for a woman's right to choose.

Chinatown Vs The UK Border Agency

25 October 2013 Aaron Peters of Novara Media reports on the business-led strike in London's Chinatown, Tuesday 22 October.

Grangemouth – a case of bosses going on strike

24 October 2013 John Millington looks at the lockout at the huge Grangemouth plant

Sick Pay, Holidays, Pensions Now!

24 October 2013 The 3Cosas campaign takes the fight for adequate working conditions for outsourced cleaners to the doors of Senate House, writes Andrew Dolan

Simon Stevens: undertaker for the NHS

24 October 2013 Originally published in 2006, this article by John Lister provides a damning insight into the corporate history of the man now in charge of the NHS

The choice between eating and heating is one nobody should have to make

24 October 2013 Activist groups plan a 'Winter of Action' against unaffordable fuel prices

A stop-motion ode to Victor Jara

22 October 2013 Red Pepper caught up with Louise Emily Thomas, the artist behind a stop-motion animation video for afro-folk-pop group The Melodic's new track 'An Ode to Victor Jara'

Co-op Bank: the David that wanted to be a Goliath

21 October 2013 The Co-operative Bank’s sudden financial crisis triggers memories of 2008. Daniel Tischer says a hunger for reckless growth was the Co-op’s tragic flaw

Classic book: Bolo’Bolo

21 October 2013 Gareth Brown looks at Bolo’Bolo, a proposal for collective living

Saving the estate

20 October 2013 Residents have fought off University College London’s plans to ‘redevelop’ the Carpenters Estate, reports Kevin Blowe

Open source energy

19 October 2013 Open source technology could play an important role in the shift towards energy democracy. Some pioneers are already leading the way, reports Kim Bryan

Back to class: free schools and academies mythbuster

18 October 2013 Red Pepper looks at the myths surrounding academies and free schools

Theatre review: The World of Extreme Happiness

14 October 2013 Edd Mustill reviews The World of Extreme Happiness at London's National Theatre Shed.

How to know if you’ve been blacklisted and what you can do

10 October 2013 Solicitor David Sorensen explains what the blacklisting scandal could mean to you.

Not playing by the book: radical children’s reads

8 October 2013 Children’s literature can be an important playground for kids to think critically and conceive of a better world. Kitty Webster explores what’s out there for little rebels to read

Campus campaigning: student activism goes local

1 October 2013 The flames of the 2010/11 student movement haven’t been entirely extinguished. Hattie Craig and Roz Burgin examine the new look of campus-based resistance

Teachers: ‘There is no other option but to strike’

1 October 2013 John Millington reports from today's teachers' walkout and rally

‘We are as Gods.’ The legacy of the Whole Earth Catalog

1 October 2013 Steve Jobs said it was like ‘Google in paperback’. Hilary Wainwright reports from an exhibition and conference centred on the Whole Earth Catalog, first published in 1968

Getting back on track: an alternative to private railways

1 October 2013 There is a growing consensus that rail privatisation has failed, but an alternative doesn’t have to mean a new centralised bureaucracy, writes Paul Salveson

Reclaiming the past – All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal

1 October 2013 All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal: reading history from below, by Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts, reviewed by Dave Featherstone

Anabaptists and pirates – Altai

1 October 2013 Altai, by Wu Ming, reviewed by Ben Lear

The dark heart of Europe – Corporate Europe

1 October 2013 Corporate Europe: how big business sets policies on food, climate and war, by David Cronin, reviewed by John Hilary

A drama in three acts – Fortunes of Feminism

1 October 2013 Fortunes of Feminism: from state-managed capitalism to neoliberal crisis, by Nancy Fraser, reviewed by Nina Power

US government shutdown: workers pay the price for Congress’ ‘budget wars’

1 October 2013 Anne Meador and John Zangas report from Washington DC on the consequences of the deadlock in Congress

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