October 2011

Egypt: campaigners stand up for imprisoned activist/blogger

31 October 2011 Guest post from the Campaign to End Military Trials of Civilians in Egypt

Tribune RIP?

27 October 2011 Michael Calderbank on the threat to a long-standing fixture of British left publishing

Occupy or self-manage?

27 October 2011 Z-Net's Michael Albert asks what message is emerging from the global wave of occupations

All the news that fits, they print

24 October 2011 Emma Hughes looks at Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky (1988)

Media reform: In the public interest

24 October 2011 Reforming the media after the phone hacking scandal: a Red Pepper roundtable


20 October 2011 Amy Hall reviews the film 'Unwatchable' but finds real life even more disturbing

Wapping: the workers’ perspective

20 October 2011 Michael Pooler visits an exhibition dedicated to the contininuing relevance of the Wapping dispute

Dale Farm: residents condemn police violence

20 October 2011 Traveller solidarity campaigners call for support

Add women and stir!

17 October 2011 Ruth Michaelson reflects on the Rebellious Media Conference.

Resistance takes root in Barcelona

16 October 2011 Hilary Wainwright explores the deepening organisation of the Indignados movement

Birth of a new movement: Occupy goes global

15 October 2011 Today there was hardly a city in the world not touched by the occupations, writes Niamh Flynn

After the anger: how do we respond to the riots?

14 October 2011 Glenn Jenkins tells Donald Morrison how Marsh Farm estate in Luton got organised after riots there

October 15th: United for Global Democracy

14 October 2011 A global manifesto for democratic rule over international finance

Streets of the imagination

13 October 2011 At the front of the crowd in the ‘Gordon riots’ of 1780, William Blake would have seen much that he recognised in the events of this summer, writes Mike Marqusee

Legal looting: the Swiss banks deal

13 October 2011 Tax justice expert Richard Murphy investigates a deal with Swiss bankers to protect tax evaders

Salford riots: ‘We need to show a better way’

13 October 2011 Richard Goulding reports on the community’s response to the riots in Salford

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about unhelpful stereotypes

13 October 2011 'Important issues are clouded by irrelevant prejudices'

Explanation not excuses

13 October 2011 It’s not just the looters that need to be brought to justice, writes Michael Calderbank

London: get ready to occupy!

13 October 2011 Protestors plan to occupy the London stock-exchange

We are winning – so what do we want?

13 October 2011 More reflections from a Wall Street Occupier.

“Walking off the job is the only way to express our anger”

12 October 2011 An electrician explains why he and his colleagues feel so angry about the imposition of new contracts.

Thoughts of a Wall St. occupier

10 October 2011 With the occupation of Wall St now in its third week, occupier Yotam Marom shares his thoughts

Breaking the silence

10 October 2011 Michael Pooler discovers how former IDF soldiers are opening up about life in the occupied territories.

Remember the dead, fight for the living

9 October 2011 Peter Apps on a public art memorial to executed activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

It’s possible, it’s necessary

9 October 2011 Antonio David Cattani reviews Ours to Master and to Own by Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini (eds)

A revolutionary without a revolution

9 October 2011 John Palmer on lessons learned from the life of socialist Tony Cliff

The assault on public services – how can the unions fight back?

6 October 2011 Canadian trade unionists Michael Hurley and Sam Gindin propose new strategies for a labour movement facing new challenges

The 99% Occupy Wall Street!

6 October 2011 Pham Binh welcomes the rising tide of support for the occupation

Rebellious Media: History gives us hope

6 October 2011 Tim Gee looks ahead to this weekend's Rebellious Media Conference by telling the story of a radical newspaper from the past.

Time to pay up!

1 October 2011 David Hillman explains why taxing the financial sector has never been so important - and why success may only be a few months away

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