September 2010

Viral spirals

30 September 2010 Marco Berlinguer explores the growing movements for free culture

The illusion of poverty reduction

30 September 2010 'Microfinance' is much-celebrated, but has a terrible record, argues Milford Bateman

Freedom for all?

30 September 2010 The coalition has announced a 'Freedom Bill' to dismantle restrictions on liberties imposed over recent decades. But will it stop at the workplace? asks Keith Ewing

Vital resistance

30 September 2010 Donald Morrison looks at the resistance needed to beat the health white paper

‘We don’t have a blueprint’

30 September 2010 Clifford Singer talks to Paul Mackney from the new 'Coalition of Resistance'

Get along, move along, shift…

27 September 2010 The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Nuclear power? It’s still no thanks

27 September 2010 Nuclear is no green alternative, writes Oscar Reyes

The Bolivian Road to Socialism

27 September 2010 Mike Geddes argues we can learn from the Bolivian experiences of working in and against the state

After the flotilla

27 September 2010 Ewa Jasiewicz considers the impact in Palestine, Israel and internationally

Our right to reply

27 September 2010 Fed up of the colonisation of public space by corporations? Try a little subvertising...

Media empowerment

27 September 2010 Siobhan McGuirk talks to the Adbusters Media Foundation

The art of protest

27 September 2010 Gavin Grindon looks at convergences of the political and the aesthetic

An idealist and a sceptic

27 September 2010 In his best work, director John Ford depicted a complex world through the lens of an understated but powerful critique says Mike Marqusee

From Barking to Venice

27 September 2010 Siobhan McGuirk meets collaborative art and architecture practice muf

The construction of (un)reality

27 September 2010 James O'Nions reviews a compelling piece of invented history at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Trotsky faction

27 September 2010 Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna (Faber and Faber), reviewed by James O'Nions

Dark urban fantasies

27 September 2010 Stephen Graham's Cities Under Siege: the new military urbanism (Verso), reviewed by Matthew Carr

Time to be communists again

27 September 2010 Alain Badiou's The Communist Hypothesis (Verso), reviewed by Bertie Russell

No easy answers

27 September 2010 Kolya Abramsky's Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution (AK Press), reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Optimism of the will

27 September 2010 Noam Chomsky's Hopes and Prospects (Hamish Hamilton), reviewed by Nick Dearden

Demanding the impossible

27 September 2010 Alastair Hemmens celebrates a book that had a major influence on 'les événements' of 1968

Chris Smith

27 September 2010 picks the eight books he'd take to the ends of the Earth with him

Dealing with the devil

26 September 2010 Bertie Russell is sceptical as to whether states can ever be used to move beyond capitalism

Life in Palestine: A tale of two Monas

26 September 2010 Adie Mormech on the Samouni family, who lost 29 in the Gaza war

Papal bull

16 September 2010 The left should praise the Lord for the Pope, says Terry Eagleton. The Catholic church is the best recruiting sergeant we could hope for

What were they thinking?

16 September 2010 In an edited extract from the forthcoming book, Midnight on the Mavi Marmara: the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and how it changed the course of the Israel/Palestine conflict, Rashid Khalidi considers the context and implications of Israel's act of state piracy

The Wembley way

16 September 2010 The struggle against a city academy in north London controlled by a group of hedge fund managers might be a sign of things to come. Hank and Jean Roberts tell the story of the campaign

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