December 2010

Aftershock in Haiti

28 December 2010 ‘Disaster capitalism’ got a hold in Haiti, says Gary Dunion

Indigenous insight

27 December 2010 Victor Figueroa Clark talks to Hugo Blanco, an ecosocialist and indigenous activist from Peru

There is an alternative – unlock the surplus

22 December 2010 UK companies are sitting on £600 billion, writes Duncan Weldon

Review: The war you don’t see

21 December 2010 J. Sadie Clifford on John Pilger's latest documentary.

Private debt, public pain: lessons for Ireland

20 December 2010 Nick Dearden and Tim Jones from Jubilee Debt Campaign on standing up to global finance.

‘What’s NATO?’

19 December 2010 Cynthia Cockburn of Women in Black on the case against NATO

Topshop and the solidarity of the ‘ordinary shopper’

18 December 2010 Jeremy Wight finds that 'shoppers' aren't at all annoyed with the tax protesters - whatever the right tries to claim

Cancún calamity

18 December 2010 The agreement reached at the Cancún climate talks was actually a step backwards, writes Nick Buxton

Real green living

18 December 2010 The eco-village of Vauban in Germany signposts one answer to climate change, reports Heather Rogers

Behind a student kettle

14 December 2010 Tabitha Troughton reports from the December 9 fees demonstration

Student demo: solidarity, not violence, is the issue for the left

13 December 2010 Kai Grachy on the 9 December student protests against tuition fees.

The media war you don’t see

12 December 2010 Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete interviews John Pilger ahead of the release of his new film, 'The War You Don't See.'

Falling down the justice gap

12 December 2010 Jon Robins looks at the troubled state of our legal aid system

A hard case

12 December 2010 Liz Davies looks at initiatives to rescue legal aid

Centres in a storm

12 December 2010 Steven Hynes says law centres are under threat

Law for all

12 December 2010 Jon Robins lays the ground for some new thinking on legal aid

‘No fat cats’

12 December 2010 Veteran human rights lawyers, campaigners and trade unionists on why legal aid matters

Notes from a student occupation

9 December 2010 Tabitha Troughton reports from the occupation at UCL

A real taxpayers’ alliance

5 December 2010 Adam Ramsay reports on the mass direct action at Topshop

A boycott toolkit

2 December 2010 James O’Nions on useful new report about winning justice for Palestine

Activism 3.0

2 December 2010 Protests are increasingly appearing on the internet in real time in a myriad of ways. Adam Waldron takes a look at the smartphone applications that every activist needs