January 2008

Growing money on trees

31 January 2008 Deforestation is responsible for one-fifth of annual carbon emissions - more than the entire transport sector. Yet a new global scheme to 'reduce deforestation' could end up rewarding the companies and governments that cause it, writes Oscar Reyes

Money matters

30 January 2008 Dear Auntie, I just learnt that my father, whom I haven't seen in years, plans to leave me a very large pile of dosh in his will. As this is the ill-gotten gains of his work as a Ministry of Defence fat-cat contractor, I know it was made at the expense of others' suffering. Does Auntie think I should keep or give it away? Almost filthy rich, London

Flight fight

30 January 2008 With plans for a third runway at Heathrow currently under consultation and airports cross the UK looking to expand, David Matthews surveys the new coalitions linking local residents' opposition to environmental concerns about climate change

Poetic charge sheet

30 January 2008 Tony Benn reviews Michael Horovitz's powerful new anti-war polemic

The reel thing

30 January 2008 Documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor shares her guerrilla tips for capturing the real world on reel

Rocking the market

30 January 2008 The crisis at Northern Rock highlights both how people's lives depend on financial institutions and how irresponsibly these institutions are managed. Christopher Hird dissects the crisis, arguing that the left has the chance to press for new kinds of socially responsible financial institutions - and for new standards of personal (and political) financial literacy

Por ahora no pudimos

30 January 2008 The defeat of President Hugo Chávez's constitutional reform proposals in December's referendum has triggered a wide debate on the Venezuelan left about the next steps in the country's Bolivarian revolution. Here, two articles by critical chavistas are introduced by Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete

Democracy now: Our perogative

30 January 2008 The public and parliament must assert democratic control to ensure that Britain plays an ethical role in foreign affairs, writes Stuart Weir

Why did abstention win?

30 January 2008 The Jacobin vision of revolutions directed from above by vanguards and singular personalities has to be done away with, says Javier Biardeau. The abstainers in the Venezuelan referendum were taking a clear-cut stand against reform proposals that had not involved them

Grass-roots Chávismo awakes

30 January 2008 Letting the grassroots lead is the only way forward from the referendum defeat, says Reinaldo Iturriza López

Living with a porn addict

21 January 2008 It's not a question of morality, says Asha Anderson, but porn does affect lives and destroys relationships

Porn can be good for you

21 January 2008 Peter Tatchell says pornography doesn't have to be oppressive. It can be liberating and fulfilling

Quality not quantity

21 January 2008 There's nothing wrong with porn apart from its quality, says Alison Fisher, a former writer of women's porn

Change society and porn will change too

21 January 2008 Tracey Jones says she's no prude but don't discount the effect porn has on individuals and society

The proposed legislation on ‘extreme pornography’

21 January 2008 Section 6 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 2007 proposes the following new offence of 'being in possession of an extreme pornographic image'

An extreme insult

21 January 2008 Penny, from the campaigning group Backlash, says banning so called 'extreme porn' is an insult to female sexuality

Anti-imperialism: what’s in a name?

18 January 2008 Anti-war activists have not always embraced the rhetoric of anti-imperialism. Richard Phillips examines the many meanings of that slippery term and asks whether it is still relevant in describing today's unequal and often violent world

Energy cowboys and green mountebanks

17 January 2008 The failed strategy of energy liberalisation that brought rolling blackouts and the financial high jinks of Enron to the United States is now being tried by the European Union, writes Westby Swift

Surveillance Society

16 January 2008 From telephone records to biometric passports, from travel patterns to shopping details, it is now possible to build an unimaginably detailed picture of our private lives. Gathering this data without our express permission is not just unaccountable, argues Ben Hayes, but poses a threat to the fabric of our democracy

Generation ID: lessons in kiddyprinting

13 January 2008 Thousands of children across the UK have had their fingerprints and DNA taken without explicit informed parental consent. Tamanna Kalhar speaks to Terri Dowty of Action on Rights for Children