Siobhan McGuirk

Siobhan McGuirkSiobhan McGuirk is a Red Pepper commissioning editor.

If you didn’t see Trumpism coming, you were looking away November 2016

Siobhán McGuirk says the question we are too afraid to ask is simple - what kind of society leads to Donald Trump as President?

Ten things you can do to combat racism and xenophobia July 2016

#PostReferendumRacism has exposed the racist and xenophobic belly of Britain. Luckily, there is a lot that you can do. Siobhan McGuirk has gathered 10 suggestions, feel free to add your own below.

Right to be angry – but be angry with the right June 2016

Siobhán McGuirk writes about scapegoating and anti-immigrant sentiment in the EU referendum debate

Video report: Shut down Yarl’s Wood! August 2015

A video report from the demonstration against the immigration detention centre, by Siobhan McGuirk

Pride in the fight December 2014

Siobhan McGuirk celebrates the solidarity – and humour – of a film about when lesbians and gay people backed the miners

Ferguson: The view from the US September 2014

US-based Red Pepper commissioning editor Siobhan McGuirk compiles a round up of coverage and commentary on the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson and subsequent reactions.

Ferguson: What next? September 2014

US-based Red Pepper commissioning editor Siobhan McGuirk collates commentary following the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson and explores the necessity of an enduring movement to fight for racial equality.

Anabel Hernández: Breaking the silence August 2014

Siobhan McGuirk spoke to Anabel Hernández, the investigative journalist whose book Narcoland brought international attention to Mexican politicians’ collusion with drug cartels – and led to a wave of threats against her

Out of the furnace, into the fire? April 2014

Prossy Kakooza and Siobhán McGuirk report on the recent Anti-Homosexuality Act passed in Uganda, and the UK’s own draconian approach to LGBT asylum seekers.

Married strife: going beyond marriage equality January 2014

The same-sex marriage campaign has been successful, but LGBTQ equality is still a distant dream. It’s time to reassess our priorities, argues Siobhan McGuirk

Oil City: campaigning theatre June 2013

Siobhan McGuirk experiences Oil City, an immersive, site-specific play produced by campaign group Platform

Thatcher: You’ve got to fight! For the left! To party! April 2013

Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum say Thatcher ‘death parties’ are the thoughtless, tasteless products of a bandwagon-jumping youth. They should have more imagination, writes Siobhán McGuirk. This is an iconoclastic moment

Epitaph to a generation: John Akomfrah interview March 2012

Siobhan McGuirk speaks to John Akomfrah about his new film – and the 2011 riots

Occupy: A turning point in US politics? December 2011

Siobhan McGuirk visits the Occupy camp in Washington DC

Crowd allowed August 2011

Siobhan McGuirk on the way inspiring new documentary Just Do It was made

Film review: Unwrapping the drugs debate July 2011

Siobhan McGuirk reviews ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’, a documentary that asks good questions but avoids too many answers

From kitchen sink to fish tank June 2011

Siobhan McGuirk traces the history of social realism in British cinema as the genre starts to make a comeback

Youth rises against bloodshed in Mexico, armed with poetry and art April 2011

Maria Felix and Siobhan McGuirk report on the growing protest backlash against the war on drugs in Mexico.

Mexico: The casualties of war February 2011

Behind the bloody headlines of Mexico’s war on drugs, creeping militarism and corruption is silencing public dissent. Government policy failures are leading to social breakdown, writes Siobhan McGuirk with Maria Felix

Media empowerment September 2010

Siobhan McGuirk talks to the Adbusters Media Foundation

From Barking to Venice September 2010

Siobhan McGuirk meets collaborative art and architecture practice muf

All together now July 2010

The feminist fightback against cuts needs to come from the grassroots, says Siobhan McGuirk

Putting the protest back in Pride July 2010

Siobhan McGuirk reports on the fight to reclaim Pride in Manchester and beyond

Slash and burn at the Beeb July 2010

The BBC has barely been out of the headlines in recent months, not least since the publication of its major strategy review. Siobhan McGuirk asked trade unionists and industry figures what they think needs to change at the corporation

Beating Burma’s blackout December 2009

The film Burma VJ brings Burma's struggle for freedom into close proximity to its audience and is generating new solidarity efforts as a result. Siobhan McGuirk investigates

Essay response: Many paths June 2009

A revitalised left needs to consider what exactly it wants before it can determine how to achieve it, says Siobhan McGuirk

Occupations against the Occupation May 2009

Siobahn McGuirk reports from the student occupation at the University of Manchester, the longest in the wave of student militancy over Gaza

Wake up and smell the roses April 2008

Campaigners are exposing the conditions that predominantly women workers suffer in Kenya to bring cheap cut flowers to western Europe, writes Siobhan McGuirk

Letting people speak March 2008

Siobhan McGuirk talks to Kim Longinotto about the growing interest in documentaries, their potential power to move and stir people and explores what kind of documentaries give people a sense of agency

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