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John McDonnell

‘We’re standing up for democracy in the party – for the members to choose the leader’ July 2016

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell on the attempted coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

John McDonnell: it’s time for the left to save the Europe debate from the Tories June 2016

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell puts forward the left wing case for voting to stay in Europe and transform it

Tony Benn’s ideas live on – and still have the potential to create a new society March 2014

John McDonnell MP looks back at the Bennite programme of the early 1980s and its relevance to the struggles of today

The Question of Strategy: an urgent discussion March 2013

John McDonnell MP reviews The Question of Strategy - Socialist Register 2013

Speaking about the ‘S’ word August 2010

John McDonnell MP assesses Ralph Miliband's socialist vision

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