What if the workers were in control?
Hilary Wainwright reflects on an attempt by British workers to produce a democratically determined alternative plan for their industry

So you think the EU can’t be reformed?
A look at history will show you otherwise argues Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor

‘How we will miss that chuckle’: my friend, Doreen Massey
Hilary Wainwright on the life, theory, activism and humour of Doreen Massey, the great feminist geographer, who has died

Democracy is dead, long live democracies!
In this essay, Hilary Wainwright argues that building a real democracy in the face of corporate and financial power will require a rethinking of power and agency

Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future by Paul Mason
Hilary Wainwright reviews Paul Mason's latest book and questions how far information technology is leading us towards a post-capitalist economy

Higher aspirations: politics beyond the ballot box
As with the Scottish referendum, electoral defeat can be transformed into political success. A new movement is rising, says Hilary Wainwright

The IF Project Summer School: a free experiment in alternative higher education
As the government attacks education, IF brings together those who want to teach and those who want to learn just for the love of it, writes Hilary Wainwright

How a hung parliament could lead to a new anti-austerity alliance
The right is horrified by the rise of the SNP – because it raises the prospect of a progressive coalition, argues Hilary Wainwright

Greece: Syriza shines a light
In 2012 Hilary Wainwright visited Athens to report on the rise of Syriza, the radical left coalition who have stormed to power Greece.

Editorial: Power to transform
Hilary Wainwright asks: Could the election be turned into an 'enough' moment?

The long shadow of the 1970s
The 1970s marked a turning point in left fortunes worldwide and the origins of today’s neoliberal ascendancy. A Red Pepper roundtable with Hilary Wainwright, Andy Beckett, John Medhurst and Suresh Grover looks back

Independence without borders
Introducing Adam Ramsay's new book, '42 reasons to support Scottish Independence', Hilary Wainwright outlines the radical case for independence.

The tragedy of the private, the potential of the public
Communities around the world are defending public services, making them more democratic and responsive to the people's needs and desires, writes Hilary Wainwright in a new report.

Can the birthplace of democracy provide the seeds of its renewal?
The Syriza candidate for mayor of Athens is not promising to govern on the people's behalf, writes Hilary Wainwright, but together with a wide range of citizens' social organisations

Tony Benn really was ‘dangerous’ – to the establishment
Hilary Wainwright looks back at how Tony Benn's frustrations in government spurred him to spend his life fighting for real democracy

The spirit of Stuart Hall
Hilary Wainwright remembers the power of Stuart Hall’s being and thought

‘We are as Gods.’ The legacy of the Whole Earth Catalog
Steve Jobs said it was like ‘Google in paperback’. Hilary Wainwright reports from an exhibition and conference centred on the Whole Earth Catalog, first published in 1968

Footage from occupied Greek TV station
Earlier this summer Red Pepper co-editor Hilary Wainwright joined the occupation of Greek public broadcaster ERT.

Ructions in Rio
The scale of the protests rocking Brazil took everyone by surprise - even the demonstrators themselves. Sue Branford and Hilary Wainwright investigate where they came from and where are they going

The day Greece’s TVs went dark
Hilary Wainwright reports from Thessaloniki on what happened when the state ordered Greece’s state broadcaster to shut down

Resist and transform: the struggle for water in Greece
A combination of opposing privatisation and putting forward practical alternatives is helping water campaigners mount an effective challenge to austerity in Greece. Hilary Wainwright reports

We need to challenge the myths that poison attempts at progressive change
Hilary Wainwright introduces the first in a series of mythbusters produced by Class, in collaboration with Red Pepper.

Essay: Political organisation in transition
Hilary Wainwright opens the new year ambitiously! She discusses how to transform the state and why radical politicians find it so difficult to maintain their radical momentum once in parliament or the council chamber. How could this change?

Unleashing the creativity of labour
Hilary Wainwright calls for policies that release workers’ creative potential, not just in waged work but beyond

Peer-to-peer production and the coming of the commons
Michel Bauwens examines how collaborative, commons-based production is emerging to challenge capitalism. Below, Hilary Wainwright responds

Co-operatise the state?
Can the co-op movement be one source of alternatives to marketisation? Hilary Wainwright explores

An ‘excess of democracy’: what two generations of radicals can learn from each other
Hilary Wainwright examines the possibility of forging a new kind of political economy by learning from the best of both today's radical movements and those of the 60s and 70s

Resistance takes root in Barcelona
Hilary Wainwright explores the deepening organisation of the Indignados movement

Refounding the politics of labour
Ed Miliband's speech had little to say on the unions. Hilary Wainwright urges the Labour leader to embrace a newly political trade unionism

Feeling our way forward
Hilary Wainwright maps structures of feeling and resistance