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Museo Migrante parajito activity

Following the lead of Museum Migrante (MuMi) we invite readers to narrate and display their dreams and ideas for a dignified migration

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Brightly coloured paper (origami) birds are tied to a chain link fence, with a cloudy blue sky in the background

This activity was featured in Issue 239, Spring 2023: Flight, fight, remain. Here, we invite you, the reader, to consider your own hopes and dreams about what a just, dignified migration would look like.

Take a square piece of paper (it must be square). Think about the conditions under which you might migrate. What is the journey like? Who is with you? What is your destination, and what do you hope to do there? Now, we will give life to these ideas, aspirations, and dreams by folding the paper into a pajarito, a little bird, following the instructions below:

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