That Cuba feeling
Fifty years ago this month the world came close to nuclear Armageddon. Paul Anderson looks back at the Cuban missile crisis and anti-nuclear campaigning since

Cuba and the ‘updating of socialism’
Stephen Wilkinson asks what transforming Cuba’s economy will mean. Below, Sandra Lewis responds

Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution
Helen Yaffe explores impact of Che Guevara as an economist and politician

No workers’ paradise
Cuba's not my idea of socialism, says Dave Osler in his retort to Diana Raby

Cuba: response to Dave Osler
Diana Raby responds to Dave Osler

If the revolution does not go forward, it will go backwards
Dave Osler responds to Diana Raby and says it's unforgivable to utilise the slogans of Seattle in describing Cuba

Why Cuba is still important
Diana Raby argues that those who deny the legitimacy of the Cuban system will never understand why, after 50 years, the revolution is still an ongoing reality

Caribbean Cold War
As the US runs roughshod over international law, Harold Pinter demands justice for Cuba.