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Palestine and the Middle East

Illustrations show protesters for democracy and human rights holding flags from Algeria, Lebanon, and Palestine

Illustrations show protesters for democracy and human rights holding flags from Algeria, Lebanon, and Palestine

  • A group of young Somali students wearing white shirts hold Palestinian flags and stand with freedom fists raised

    Africa’s strong bonds to Palestine

    Remembering Africa’s historic ties with and support for Palestine is vital as relations with Israel are normalised across the continent, write Salim Vally and Roshan Dadoo

  • On a white background, three illustrated posters show male oil workers resisting colonial power (as US and British flags) and state repression

    A new revolutionary web: oil workers and resistance in Iran

    Oil worker strikes in Iran are different this time. The latest spate of industrial action is rallying support for Iranian women, writes A.N.

  • Protestors waiving placards, Palestinian flags and keys symbolising the Palestinian demand for right of return

    Greater than the Sum of Our Parts – review

    Nada Elia’s book touches on a number of interesting themes, but fails to shift its focus from the academy to grassroots organising, argues Jeanine Hourani

  • The image depicts an Israeli border crossing checkpoint with high barbed wire and a central look out tower

    Inside the Israeli panopticon

    Israeli surveillance is used to crush Palestinian resistance and their model is being exported across the globe, explains Dr. Yara Hawari

  • At the head of a protest march, a woman with her face painted in the colours of the Iranian flag holds up a photo of Mahsa Amini

    Mahsa Jina Amini’s death sparked an ongoing feminist revolution in Iran

    Women, and particularly young women, are leading an increasingly noisy revolution against Iran’s theocracy, writes Ahou Koutchesfahani

  • Arming the occupation

    Arms sales by and to Israel sustains the oppression of Palestinian people. Sam Perlo-Freeman reports on the scale of the trade – and UK involvement in it

  • Police officers stand in front of a building occupied by activists from Palestine Action, some of whom are on the building's roof

    How Elbit was shut down

    Blyth Brentnall describes how a group of activists in the UK has managed to disrupt the activities of one of Israel’s biggest arms suppliers