Jesus the red?
As the new pope settles into his job, it’s worth recalling that Christianity is built around the very opposite of a respected figure of authority, argues Terry Eagleton

Contradictory Dickens
On the bicentenary of Charles Dickens' birth, Terry Eagleton looks at the contradictions of the man and his work

Papal bull
The left should praise the Lord for the Pope, says Terry Eagleton. The Catholic church is the best recruiting sergeant we could hope for

Death of the intellectual
The ambition of advanced capitalism is not simply to combat radical ideas - it is to abolish the very notion that there could be a serious alternative to the present. Terry Eagleton laments the passing of a critical age

The roots of terror
Some form of terror lies at the origin of most political states, writes Terry Eagleton, but this fact is cast into the political unconscious. Only by confronting it, rather than repressing it, can we hope to get beyond it

A shelter in the tempest of history
Far from being dead, socialism is as relevant as it's ever been - its task being to resist the fascism, mayhem and savagery resulting from the inevitable crises of the inherently unstable and self-destructive system of global capitalism. By Terry Eagleton