Peter Tatchell

Sochi will be remembered as the anti-gay Olympics

23 January 2014 LGBT people are the latest of many victims of Putin's strong-arm tactics - and the Winter Olympics are the cutting edge of his regime's homophobia, writes Peter Tatchell

Video: Peter Tatchell speaks on economic democracy

8 February 2013 We expect political democracy, argues Peter Tatchell, so why not economic democracy too?

Economic democracy: the next big left idea?

5 May 2012 Peter Tatchell says democratising economic decision-making is the key to a fairer society and to a more stable, responsible economy

Support the Iranian people, oppose Tehran’s clerical fascism

9 February 2009 Peter Tatchell says solidarity with the Iranian freedom struggle is non-negotiable, no matter how much the US threatens a military strike

Human rights campaigners are not terrorists

29 January 2009 A trial is drawing to a close in which anti-terror laws are being used to prosecute innocent human rights campaigners. Peter Tatchell reports


14 May 2008 Peter Tatchell picks the eight books he'd take to the ends of the earth with him

Porn can be good for you

21 January 2008 Peter Tatchell says pornography doesn't have to be oppressive. It can be liberating and fulfilling

Iraq’s homophobic terror

1 December 2007 Peter Tatchell reports on the plight of gay and lesbian Iraqis targeted for execution by Islamist death squads

Green is the new red

21 October 2007 Peter Tatchell argues the Greens are now the only credible radical left-wing alternative and the best hope for advancing a progressive political agenda

Why I joined the Greens

1 May 2004 Peter Tatchell says the Greens are now the radical left party.

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