Luke Cooper

Hungary: Europe’s creeping fascism

12 July 2019 Luke Cooper reports on his recent visit to Hungary, an EU member state where democratic freedoms are no longer taken for granted

There’s hope left for a Left Europe

21 November 2018 Don't believe the doomsayers, writes Luke Cooper - the deal is dead in the water. Now is the time to fight to defend free movement and a united Europe.

Why Europe needs Corbyn

18 April 2018 Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party can lead the way for a new left politics in Europe, writes Luke Cooper

What is ‘free movement plus’?

21 September 2017 A new report proposes an approach that can push back against the tide of anti-immigrant sentiment. Luke Cooper explains

Video debate: The EU referendum – should the left vote in or out?

30 May 2016 Marina Prentoulis and Luke Cooper (for in) debate Hannah Sell and Michael Calderbank (for out) in this episode of The Wedge, produced in collaboration with Red Pepper

A different Europe or bust

4 February 2016 As David Cameron’s renegotiation nears its uneventful conclusion, the big picture of what kind of Europe we want to live in is in danger of being lost, writes Luke Cooper. What can we do to change it?

EU debate: We need to stay in Europe to change Europe

15 December 2015 The idea that a social Europe could emerge by quitting the EU is a delusion. There are no quick fixes for neoliberalism, writes Luke Cooper

After the election: picking up the pieces

14 May 2015 Without pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will is useless, writes Luke Cooper

Interview: Occupy Central founder Benny Tai Yiu-ting

11 September 2014 Luke Cooper spoke to Benny Tai Yiu-ting, one of the founders of Occupy Central in Hong Kong, about the growth of the movement and the prospects for real democracy free from the influence of Beijing

Ukraine’s uncertain future

27 February 2014 Having completed its transition from protest to power, Ukraine’s #Euromaidan encapsulates the problems of revolution in a post-socialist world, writes Luke Cooper

Ukraine: another complex revolution

5 February 2014 Luke Cooper traces the Ukrainian movement's origins in the 'city square' movements – and looks at its potential to go from protest to power