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Liam Kennedy is a Red Pepper editor

Liam Kennedy is a Red Pepper editor

  • Protestor holds a red placard with 'Shame on you' written on it

    Inside Belgium’s supermarket strikes

    Ten thousand workers face wages cuts after Delhaize aims to franchise stores in Belgium. Red Pepper spoke to union members Rosetta Scibilla, Sacha Tenaerts, Eric Breugelmans, and Myriam Djegham

  • Against a bright yellow background, an illustration shows a young person holding a large key in the air and a placard that reads: NO MORE DEBT

    Debtors of the world, unite!

    Jayati Ghosh tells Liam Kennedy about deepening debt crises in the global south, the IMF’s affinity for austerity and the need to confront financial capital

  • Stuart Delivery Workers strike in a large group outside a high street McDonalds

    Stuart Delivery strike highlights UK’s bogus self-employment problem

    By misclassifying workers as ‘self-employed’ companies can trample over labour rights. Liam Kennedy reports on the striking couriers fighting back