John McDonnell

‘We’re standing up for democracy in the party ā€“ for the members to choose the leader’

1 July 2016 Shadow chancellor John McDonnell on the attempted coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

John McDonnell: it’s time for the left to save the Europe debate from the Tories

5 June 2016 Shadow chancellor John McDonnell puts forward the left wing case for voting to stay in Europe and transform it

Tony Benn’s ideas live on ā€“ and still have the potential to create a new society

27 March 2014 John McDonnell MP looks back at the Bennite programme of the early 1980s and its relevance to the struggles of today

The Question of Strategy: an urgent discussion

26 March 2013 John McDonnell MP reviews The Question of Strategy - Socialist Register 2013

Speaking about the ā€˜Sā€™ word

5 August 2010 John McDonnell MP assesses Ralph Miliband's socialist vision