Gary Younge

Gary Younge
Gary Younge is editor-at-large for the Guardian, a columnist for the Nation and the author of Another Day in the Death of America.

Dare to dream of a world without borders

30 July 2018 If politics is the art of the possible, then radicalism must be the capacity to imagine new possibilities, says Gary Younge

Shocked by Trump? It’s time to get involved in the fightback

10 November 2016 The battle lines are clear. Democracy is in peril and the left must take itself seriously electorally and politically. Ruth Potts speaks to Gary Younge, who was based in Muncie, Indiana, for the US election, about the implications of Donald Trump’s victory

Event: Black Words Matter

11 July 2016 Join us to explore media justice with Gary Younge, Shake! and Numbi Arts, on Tuesday 19 July at Rich Mix in London

Hoping for change: Obama and the limits of elections

28 October 2012 Gary Younge discusses the disappointment of Barack Obama’s presidency – and credits recent progressive policies to the success of the Occupy movement

Identity canards

25 July 2010 There is nothing inherent in any racial category or gender that makes it necessarily more radical - or reactionary - than another. But difference does make a difference, argues Gary Younge, and the left needs to re-examine its approach to issues of diversity, equal opportunities and representation

What Obama means to the world

20 January 2009 People's obsession with Barack Obama says more about them than him, says Gary Younge

My friends on the left

30 September 2008 Barack Obama is unique among recent Democratic presidential candidates in terms of the support he has mobilised and his relationship to his base. Win or lose, his supporters will need to stick around and organise, argues Gary Younge, as he analyses their dynamic and their role in determining Obama's prospects

Holding Obama’s feet to the fire

24 August 2008 With his appointment of a series of Clintonite economic and foreign policy advisers, Barack Obama has attracted fire from the American left. Doug Henwood, Gary Younge, Jo-ann Mort, Betsy Reed and Ta-Nehisi Coates debate the politics of Obama's candidacy and the huge mobilisation of support behind it

The Leaderless Mainstream

1 May 2006 Across the US, there is a constellation of social movements emboldened by struggle but lacking representation. Gary Younge reports on the opposition to George Bush

America’s new radicals

1 November 2004 Gary Younge meets the newly politicised foot soldiers fighting to force Bush out of the White House

The medium is the message

1 May 2004 The alternative media are more than a source of news; they help keep the democratic process alive.