Eleanor Penny

A four-day working week is within our grasp

1 February 2019 A new report from Autonomy proposes a radical set of policies to boost the economy and improve quality of life by shortening the working week, writes Eleanor Penny

The new undesirables

20 October 2018 Sivamohan Valluvan and Eleanor Penny unpack neoliberal attitudes to migration and 'low-value' humans.

Overpopulation isn’t causing climate change. Blame capitalism.

17 August 2018 There aren't too many people. There are too many profiteers. By Eleanor Penny

When does a woman stop being a person?

21 May 2018 Eleanor Penny writes that Ireland's 8th Amendment is a masterclass in how to strip pregnant people of rights over their own bodies.

The Homelessness Reduction Act won’t help cash-strapped councils care for the homeless

5 April 2018 Putting in a legal duty of care doesn't fund more services, and it won't tackle the root causes of homelessness, write Bruno De Oliveira and Eleanor Penny

Jewdas, Corbyn and the policing of Jewishness

3 April 2018 Stop accusing Jewish people of treachery when they criticise Israel, writes Eleanor Penny

The UK has been supporting Israeli war crimes for years.

8 November 2017 Priti Patel's shady deals are business as usual. Enough is enough, writes Eleanor Penny

Burning witches and banning abortions made capitalism possible

31 October 2017 Our economic system depends on a long and bloody history of controlling women's bodies, writes Eleanor Penny.

#MeToo is necessary – but I’m sick of having to prove my humanity

18 October 2017 Women are expected to reveal personal trauma to be taken seriously, writes Eleanor Penny