Dorothy Guerrero

Is the UK prepared for a Super China and its global New Silk Road?

17 April 2019 China's industrial strategy poses new challenges for the UK, writes Dorothy Guerrero

The government is seeking new free trade deals after Brexit – and we could all pay the price

29 August 2018 Dorothy Guerrero writes that we're crashing out of the European Union and into the Trans-Pacific partnership: A free trade deal with all the disastrous hallmarks of TTIP.

Free trade is toxic, but Trump’s trade wars aren’t the alternative we need

10 July 2018 Dorothy Guerrero writes that hostile trade wars and American protectionism will double down on the damage done by decades of US-driven global free trade policies.

A reign of terror: Extra-judicial killings in Duterte’s Philippines

19 March 2018 Dorothy Guerrero from Global Justice Now discusses the brutal history of extra-judicial killings under Duterte's watch.

North Korea is just the start of potentially deadly tensions between the US and China

11 July 2017 US-China relations have taken on a disturbing new dimension under Donald Trump, writes Dorothy Guerrero