It’s time for a cultural renewal of the left
Andrew Dolan writes that we need to integrate art, music, films and poetry into our movement, creating spaces where political ideas are given further room to breathe.

‘How can you decant people from estates then make deals with developers to build luxury apartments?’
Andrew Dolan spoke with Amina Gichinga of Take Back the City about doing politics differently and righting Labour's wrongs in London

A higher minimum wage is a solution to the crisis in care, not its cause
Improving quality of care requires higher wages for workers and an end to the socially irresponsible practices of large care home chains, writes Andrew Dolan

Ignore the critics, Labour is right to consider a basic income
A universal basic income isn’t something for nothing, but rather a recognition of a right to a meaningful life beyond the needs of the market, writes Andrew Dolan

Editorial: Opening up politics
How much has Labour changed, asks Andrew Dolan – and how much can it?

Levelling the playing field
Andrew Dolan spoke to Jack Badu, Tom Perez and Joel Sharples of Football Beyond Borders, a charity that uses football to help create a more equal and inclusive society

Novara: new media for a different politics
Novara Media are currently fundraising £10,000 to expand their efforts to help transform the media landscape. Andrew Dolan interviewed Novara co-founder Aaron Bastani about new media, insurgent politics and what the future holds for Novara

O rose, thou art sick
The Labour Party's general election defeat has much deeper roots than the failings of its leader, writes Andrew Dolan

How red are the Greens?
What lies behind the Green surge – and to what extent can they be considered a new vehicle for the left? Andrew Dolan reports

Podemos: Politics by the people
Andrew Dolan interviews Eduardo Maura of Podemos, the people-powered party that is transforming Spanish politics

Labour once again refuses to break with ‘business as usual’
Labour's links to PricewatehouseCoopers is yet another sign of a party unwilling to break from 'business as usual' and of a political system captured by corporate interests, writes Andrew Dolan

Languages of the Unheard
Languages of the Unheard: why militant protest is good for democracy, by Stephen D'arcy, reviewed by Andrew Dolan

Young people the latest target in Labour’s lurch to the right
Labour's austerity-inspired welfare proposals will penalise young adults for circumstances beyond their control, writes Andrew Dolan

Fighting for a future
Workers at the University of London strike over job losses at Garden Halls accommodation, writes Andrew Dolan

Free schools: freedom for whom?
Andrew Dolan looks at the problems posed by free schools

Drop the suspensions
Campaign demanding the University of Birmingham drop the suspensions of two student protestors gains pace as demonstration called, writes Andrew Dolan

New media versus the state – Jeremy Scahill interview
Campaigning US journalist Jeremy Scahill talks to Andrew Dolan about drones, US empire and the prospects for critical media in the digital age

3Cosas campaign begins national speaker tour
Workers from the 3Cosas campaign will over the next two weeks travel across the UK to raise awareness of their fight for sick-pay, holidays and pensions

Bad News for Refugees
Bad News for Refugees, by Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald, reviewed by Andrew Dolan

Home of Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández attacked
Home of journalist who exposed Mexican government's links to drug cartels raided by a dozen armed individuals, writes Andrew Dolan

Successes of 2013
Andrew Dolan looks back at some of the brighter moments from the last twelve months

#copsoffcampus at the University of London
Thousands of students and staff protest against police on campus, writes Andrew Dolan

Time for a Basic Income
One year ago Red Pepper published a piece on the Basic Income, is it time to consider this idea a little more seriously? writes Andrew Dolan

Sick Pay, Holidays, Pensions Now!
The 3Cosas campaign takes the fight for adequate working conditions for outsourced cleaners to the doors of Senate House, writes Andrew Dolan