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Alex Nunns
Alex Nunns is Red Pepper's political correspondent @alexnunns

Corbyn and the Manchester speech

26 May 2018 In the middle of the 2017 general election campaign, disaster and tragedy struck with the Manchester terror attack. In this extract from the second edition of The Candidate, Alex Nunns tells how the Corbyn campaign responded this time last year with a speech that was careful, but radical

Local elections: What really happened in Haringey

6 May 2018 The media has put the spotlight on London's Haringey council again – but what is the reality for local Labour activists? Alex Nunns interviews Seema Chandwani

Don’t let Corbyn’s opponents sneak onto the Labour NEC

2 December 2017 Labour’s powerful governing body is being targeted by forces that still want to strangle Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, writes Alex Nunns

The Labour conference that the media failed to report

2 October 2017 Many important things happened on conference floor, reports Alex Nunns – but you wouldn’t know it from reading the newspapers

Why Corbyn’s ‘unpopularity’ is exaggerated: Polls show he’s more popular than most other parties’ leaders – and on the up

10 May 2017 Headlines about Jeremy Corbyn’s poor approval ratings in polls don’t tell the whole story, writes Alex Nunns

The seconds that changed Labour history: Jeremy Corbyn’s last dash for nominations

30 December 2016 In this extract from his new book The Candidate, Alex Nunns tells the inside story of how Jeremy Corbyn scraped onto the Labour leadership ballot in 2015

The unlikely rise of Jeremy Corbyn: an interview with Alex Nunns, the author of ‘The Candidate’

1 November 2016 Andrew Dolan interviews Alex Nunns about his new book on Jeremy Corbyn's successful campaign to become leader of the Labour Party

The one thing that won’t stop terror is more war

14 November 2015 Provoking retaliation is a key part of the jihadists' strategy, writes Alex Nunns – we need a different approach

1983: the biggest myth in Labour Party history

6 September 2015 Labour's 1983 election campaign has long been used to say it is impossible for a leader like Jeremy Corbyn to win any election from the left. Alex Nunns digs out the truth

Smelling salts for the left: Russell Brand’s Revolution

22 February 2015 What if you actually read Russell Brand's book, instead of dismissing it as the mainstream media has? Alex Nunns writes

9 farcical bits of policing at #occupydemocracy

25 October 2014 Parliament Square has been the venue for some ridiculous policing since the Occupy movement arrived on 17 October. Alex Nunns gives the highlights

Behind the words of an Israeli government spokesman

29 July 2014 Alex Nunns removes PR waffle to reveal the painful truth of recent Israeli attacks on Gaza's hospitals and children

Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it

18 June 2014 Alex Nunns runs his red pen over Tony Blair's essay on Iraq, Syria and the Middle East

Days of hope: The Spirit of ’45 review

25 April 2013 Ken Loach’s The Spirit of ’45 is not just an exercise in nostalgia but a compelling intervention into the politics of the present, writes Alex Nunns

Thatcher didn’t save the economy, she wrecked it – and we’re still paying the price

17 April 2013 Alex Nunns argues that the right's celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s economic record are an attempt to rewrite history

Dispelling the Thatcher myths

9 April 2013 Alex Nunns offers an antidote to the media fawning over Thatcher – and argues her biggest victory was getting her opponents to buy into her mythology

Elective surgery: a new party for the NHS

11 February 2013 Alex Nunns interviews Clive Peedell, co-leader of the new National Health Action Party, which will fight the next election on the issue of the government’s destruction of the NHS

The health hurricane: a year of destruction in the NHS

11 February 2013 Alex Nunns looks at the gale of privatisation, sell-offs and cuts in services blowing through the health service

Going private? Here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

12 July 2012 Red Pepper writer and NHS campaigner Alex Nunns replies to a rather curious job offer from a private healthcare company

Reclaiming our NHS

22 June 2012 This weekend healthcare campaigners will gather for a conference on how to fight the Coalition’s newly passed Health Act. Alex Nunns assesses their options

Deal or no deal? A leading Syriza activist’s thoughts on coalition and the left

7 May 2012 What happened when Alex Nunns met Nasos Iliopoulos—one of the rising stars of Greece’s new second party, radical left coalition Syriza

Greece: More than a demonstration, less than a revolt

12 April 2012 Alex Nunns reports from Athens on the human consequences of the austerity measures, and how they are being resisted

NHS: what now?

22 March 2012 Alex Nunns gives some suggestions of where the campaign against the destruction of the NHS should go from here

A4e: a scandal so big it could be seen from 2008

25 February 2012 Emma Harrison’s double resignation has finally focused media attention on the privatisation of job placement, argues Alex Nunns.

Tonight on TV: ‘Tweets from Tahrir’

16 February 2012 Don't miss this on TV tonight - a film of the book co-edited by Red Pepper's Alex Nunns.

From Dictatorship to Democracy: a manual for revolution?

23 December 2011 From Dictatorship to Democracy: a conceptual framework for liberation, by Gene Sharp, reviewed by Alex Nunns

Soundtrack of dissent

25 July 2011 Alex Nunns reviews 33 Revolutions Per Minute: a history of protest songs by Dorian Lynskey

Tweets from Tahrir

11 April 2011 How the Egyptian revolution unfolded on Twitter

Being led by Ed

7 January 2011 Alex Nunns asks what it would take for Ed Miliband’s win to mark a real progressive turn

Signposting new electoral paths

7 May 2010 The first-past-the-post voting system has under-represented but not suppressed huge shifts in voting behaviour, writes Alex Nunns. Smaller alternatives to the major parties are attracting increasing support

Rats flee a sinking rat

31 January 2010 The Chilcot inquiry into the government's conduct around the Iraq war is speaking volumes about our inability to hold state authority to account, argues Alex Nunns

Conservatives 2.0

4 January 2010 With the Tories still setting the political agenda in the run up to the election, Alex Nunns examines what a Cameron government might actually have in store for us

Essay response: A new vehicle

9 June 2009 The old, failed internal combustion engine of politics is not the way forward, argues Alex Nunns

2014: A Tory dystopia

20 September 2008 David Cameron's apple-pie promises and feel-good rhetoric might sweep him to power in 2010, but there's a yawning gap between the vagueness of his words and the likely consequences of his policies. Alex Nunns takes us on a trip into the future to see how Britain might look after four years of Tory rule

Making music matter

23 June 2008 The organisers claimed it as a huge success. But the BNP continued its advance in local elections and won a seat on the London Assembly a few days later anyway. So what did the Love Music Hate Racism carnival in east London in April achieve, and what is the importance of such events for the left in the future? Lena De Casparis and Alex Nunns report

Greens on trial

2 April 2008 The Greens can justifiably claim to be the largest progressive party in the UK, but often meet with suspicion from the left. Are they given a fair hearing? Alex Nunns weighs the evidence

Car crash on the left

2 December 2007 The increasingly bitter division of Respect into two conflicting factions looks set to destroy the most effective electoral challenge to the left of Labour in many years. Alex Nunns spoke to the main protagonists on either side of the split

What became of the Labour left?

16 September 2007 After more than a decade of a concerted attempt to silence the left in the Labour Party, Alex Nunns inquires into whether there is still life in this vital challenge to the power of the executive

A healthy choice

1 July 2007 Labour's deputy leadership contest has at least revealed one thing - the extent of unease over Tony Blair's market reforms of the NHS. Ministers have made statements that would once have got them sacked but now get them votes. Red Pepper and Keep Our NHS Public teamed up to survey the six candidates' views and see who's best for the NHS. By Alex Nunns

The £4 billion rip-off

1 November 2006 It's like putting Enron in charge of the power grid. That's how US businessman Phil Zweig describes the privatisation of NHS procurement.

Tesco targeted by EuroMayday flash mob

1 May 2005 They were dancing in the isles at Tesco in Hackney on May Day, but it wasn't over half-price donuts. Up to 200 activists temporarily occupied the store as part of the EuroMayday 'precarity' actions, highlighting insecure working conditions and what protesters say is 'the tyranny of 24/7 constantly on-call work regimes'.

Judge gives green light to police containment tactics

1 April 2005 Alex Nunns reports on the Mayday case in which he appeared as a witness for the prosecution

European Parliament stands up for asylum seekers

1 December 2004 The European Parliament and Commission are set on a collision course with the Council of Europe, the organisation of Member States, over asylum policy after the Parliament adopted a report that condemned draconian practices by European countries.

No political statements allowed on the conference floor

1 October 2004 Red Pepper's press officer and on-the-spot oik Alex Nunns attended the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, rubbed shoulders with the Lennon and McCartney of global development, wrestled a party apparatchik for a stapler, yawned his way through ministerial speeches -and kept a diary

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