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Red Pepper #240 Summer 2023

In this issue, writers including Jayati Ghosh, Ann Pettifor and Mohammed Tareq Hasan assess a global economy defined by debt. We consider record household borrowing alongside needless austerity and decimated public services, explore how the global south remains indebted to institutions, nations and corporations, and reveal how creditors get ever-richer.

Elsewhere, Anthony Barnett and Kirill Kobrin debate the ‘Definite Left‘ and Bal Sokhi-Bulley examines immigration gatekeeping in Britain. We explores nostalgia and traditionalism from English WWII obsessions to Hindu nationalism on screen. Plus book reviews, previews, regular columns, and more!

The front cover of a Red Pepper issue, a back hued globe suspended by chains, currency symbols between the links, against a yellow backdrop. Text reads: DEBT