December 2021

The lasting legacy of Raymond Williams

30 December 2021 Rhian E. Jones reflects on the legacy of Raymond Williams, born 100 years ago, and his enduring influence on Red Pepper

Dawn Foster: a voice from the sharp end

29 December 2021 A tribute to our friend Dawn Foster, who died earlier this year, from her friends Gary Younge, Helen Zaltzman, Sam Tarry, Sarah Woolley and everyone at Red Pepper

Cryptocurrencies: a view from the left

27 December 2021 As cryptocurrencies take the world of finance by storm, Thomas Redshaw examines their rise and what the left should make of them

Review: Our Time is Now: Sex, Race, Class and Caring for People and Planet

23 December 2021 Marin Scarlett looks back - and forward - at Selma James' seven decades of intersectional activism

Stuart Delivery strike highlights UK’s bogus self-employment problem

21 December 2021 By misclassifying workers as ‘self-employed’ companies can trample over labour rights. Liam Kennedy reports on the striking couriers fighting back

Review: Imperial Nostalgia: How the British Conquered Themselves

19 December 2021 Gargi Bhattacharyya explores the post-imperial anxieties behind the rise of new folk-devils and manufactured controversies

The best books of 2021

18 December 2021 Molly Smith of the Left Book Club selects the LBC books of the year – the perfect gift guide for friends of radical readers

How we end violence against sex workers

17 December 2021 Criminalisation, poverty and the hostile environment are roots of violence against sex workers. It’s time to end them all, say Niki Adams and Laura Connelly

On citizenship deprivation: when neo-nationalism meets big tech

16 December 2021 The government’s new Nationality and Borders Bill is part of a wider reshaping of citizenship fuelled by biometrics, argues Nisha Kapoor

Diving into history

14 December 2021 Over 1.8 million people died on trans-Atlantic slave ships, including on hundreds that sank. Tara Roberts reports on the divers excavating the wrecks of a terrible trade

Clive Lewis on the UK’s crumbling democracy

12 December 2021 After two years of Boris Johnson's government, Clive Lewis and Marzena Zukowska discuss growing authoritarianism and sources of hope for the future

Cops on campus are a threat to students of colour

8 December 2021 After promising to tackle racism, UK universities are strengthening ties with the police and putting racially minoritised communities at risk. Remi Joseph-Salisbury reports

Image of human embryo 7-8 weeks from conception

GM ‘designer babies’: breakthrough or nightmare?

6 December 2021 Only a global ban on human genetic engineering can prevent a new era of eugenics from emerging, writes Dave King

‘Smart’ borders and the surveillance of refugees

1 December 2021 Governments everywhere are reinforcing their borders through surveillance technology. These invasive and dehumanising systems work only to deny refugees sanctuary, argues Emre Eren Korkmaz

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