December 2017

Anti-racist solidarity is the cornerstone of our freedoms

23 December 2017 Governments are manufacturing a new 'enemy within', write Yasser Louati and Malia Bouattia

A master-work of graphic satire

22 December 2017 American Jewish cartoonist Eli Valley’s comic commentary on America, the US Jewish diaspora and Israel is nothing if not near the knuckle, Richard Kuper writes

Bitcoin and the bandits: how Wall Street captured the Occupy of money

21 December 2017 The online currency started as an alternative to the failed financial system – but as a huge bubble inflates and bankers board the bandwagon, Tom Walker argues bitcoin has drowned in greed

Is it time for a tax on robots?

20 December 2017 Oliver Lemon explores what a 'robot tax' could look like, and whether it's an idea whose time has come.

On track to what? Colonialism, climate change and COP23

19 December 2017 Nic Beuret, Anja Kanngieser, and Leon Sealey-Huggins explore the effects of the COP23 negotiations on the global south.

People power in the driverless city

18 December 2017 We need to make sure that the benefits of driverless transport are shared by all, writes Alex May

Surveillance, arrests and fear-mongering: The crackdown on Catalonia

15 December 2017 Raphael Tsavkko Garcia recounts the wholesale government assault on civil freedoms in Catalonia, sparked by the independence campaign.

How climate change skepticism was fuelled by big oil companies

14 December 2017 We've known about the devastating implications of climate change for decades now. Louis Mendee investigates the history of corporations in denying these urgent political realities.

Why is the Labour Party dragging its heels on nuclear disarmament?

13 December 2017 Corbyn just won a prize for peace activism - so why is the Labour Party still committed to renewing trident? Lily Sheehan investigates.

The trouble with being both anti-austerity and pro-EU

12 December 2017 Connor Devine writes that whilst Brexit might be a car crash, we can't just side with an institution responsible for enforcing austerity.

Meet the frontline activists facing down the global mining industry

11 December 2017 Activists are defending land, life and water from the global mining industry. Tatiana Garavito, Sebastian Ordoñez and Hannibal Rhoades investigate.

Transition or succession? Zimbabwe’s future looks uncertain

8 December 2017 The fall of Mugabe doesn't necessarily spell freedom for the people of Zimbabwe, writes Farai Maguwu

The Great Housing Swindle

7 December 2017 Michael Coates reviews a new film revealing the shocking state of housing inequality in the UK.

Transphobia is the latest weapon in a raging culture war

5 December 2017 The vicious media campaign against trans people is part bigotry, part strategy, writes Roz Kaveney

New report shows shocking rise in poverty levels

5 December 2017 Jon Trickett MP reports on 'Dickensian' levels of poverty and hardship felt across the UK.

‘No borders’ politics needs no defending. It’s common sense.

4 December 2017 Natasha King busts some myths around the No Borders debate

Don’t let Corbyn’s opponents sneak onto the Labour NEC

2 December 2017 Labour’s powerful governing body is being targeted by forces that still want to strangle Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, writes Alex Nunns

Where did it all go wrong, Morrissey?

2 December 2017 He was once a radical icon, but now he's a mouthpiece for racism and nationalism. Time to get off stage, writes Michael Calderbank

This isn’t the end of austerity – it’s a new age of cruelty economics

1 December 2017 Consensus seems to have shifted, but austerity is far from over. The chancellor has committed us to yet more years of misery while the rich get richer, writes Richard Seymour.

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