September 2013

Colombian protests show cracks in disastrous economic model

26 September 2013 Colombia bore witness to a remarkable uprising in recent weeks, reports Patrick Kane of War on Want

After Balcombe: Where next for the anti-fracking movement?

26 September 2013 Charlotte Wilson looks to the future of the fight against the frackers

Feminist web round-up

26 September 2013 Feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin shares posts that have caught her eye this month.

Win tickets to a John Pilger film premiere

26 September 2013 Enter our free prize draw to win one pair of tickets for the premiere screening of Utopia in London.

Detroit: the city they can’t destroy

25 September 2013 Detroit’s bankruptcy made global headlines last summer. Tawana Petty considers the state’s undemocratic takeover – and the people’s work to rejuvenate their city from the ground up

A world without prisons

25 September 2013 Inmates in California began a hunger strike in July, sparking renewed debate about the use of solitary confinement in US prisons. Nicole Vosper offers a personal response and a vision for a world beyond bars

A party to dream of

25 September 2013 When the left alternative goes unvoiced, the real choices unposed, democracy is drained of content, writes Mike Marqusee. That's why we need a new party of the left

Event: Co-ops and Capitalism, 27 September

18 September 2013 Join us for a day of debate and talks in London

Azerbaijan: The pipeline that would fuel a dictator

16 September 2013 Emma Hughes reports from Azerbaijan, where autocratic leader Ilham Aliyev is using the country’s fossil fuel wealth to fund his repressive regime and buy Europe’s silence

Homes of our own: the growing student co-operative movement

15 September 2013 Sean Farmelo is part of a group of Birmingham students involved in setting up a new student housing co-op

Into the Fire: a different picture of Greece

15 September 2013 Guy Taylor watches an important and urgent film about refugees in Greece caught between the repression of Fortress Europe and the street violence of Golden Dawn

Red Pepper website redesign – five highlights

15 September 2013 You might have noticed that the Red Pepper website looks a bit different today. Our volunteers have brought it up to date for 2013

World’s longest running industrial dispute sets example for us all

13 September 2013 A group of council workers in South Africa have been fighting for 19 years, writes Mike Marqusee

Can Tunisia’s labour union ride to the rescue?

13 September 2013 As Tunisia descends into political crisis, many are looking to the UGTT for mediation and resolution – for this is no ordinary union, writes Mohamed-Salah Omri

Balcombe latest: 50 days on

13 September 2013 Charlotte Johnson reports on the latest developments at the anti-fracking camp after 50 days of fracking resistance

Allende’s socialist internet

11 September 2013 Leigh Phillips tells the story of Cybersyn, Chile’s experiment in non-centralised economic planning which was cut short by the 1973 coup

Chile: The first dictatorship of globalisation

9 September 2013 When General Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende’s left-wing government in Chile, Mike Gatehouse was among the thousands of activists arrested. On the 40th anniversary of the coup he describes the hope and then the horror of the time

A workers’ ‘green ban’ on fracking?

9 September 2013 Ira Berkovic of Workers' Climate Action reports from a workshop at this summer's anti-fracking protest camp.

Editorial: All power to the community

7 September 2013 Our current energy system is an exercise not just in destroying our common environment but in entrenching existing inequality, writes James O'Nions

Persuading the unpersuaded – Frances O’Grady interview

6 September 2013 As Frances O’Grady prepares to give the first speech by a woman TUC general secretary to its annual Congress, Red Pepper spoke to her about the challenges facing the trade union movement today

Taking on the ‘fruitcakes’: how can we stop UKIP?

6 September 2013 The breakthrough for UKIP in May’s local elections raises the danger of a long‑term shift to the right in British politics. Richard Seymour considers where UKIP’s vote is coming from and how the left needs to respond

Anti-fascism after Woolwich

6 September 2013 The sudden resurgence of an apparently dwindling English Defence League after Lee Rigby’s murder at Woolwich suggests anti-fascists need to rethink their strategy, argue South London Anti-Fascists

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the state

6 September 2013 'Not the state we like, which is about schools and hospitals, but the other one'

Us and them: how the far right feed off the racism of the mainstream

6 September 2013 Contrary to right-wing myth, Britain’s imperial past goes largely unexamined, so its assumptions remain active in forming our views, writes Mike Marqusee

Revolutionary rehearsals

6 September 2013 Lorna Stephenson looks at theatre groups giving a voice to the voiceless – and making social change happen in the process

Video: The Battle of Cable Street remembered

5 September 2013 In 1936, over 100,000 anti-fascists barricaded the streets and fought the police in the Battle of Cable street.

Interview: Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)

4 September 2013 This month DPAC converged on Westminster to defend disabled people’s rights and freedoms. We spoke to activist Andy Greene in the run up to the event.

Silenced GM scientist speaks out against biotech coercion

3 September 2013 A scientist is fighting to get the word out about his study into the harmful effects of GM maize, writes Claire Walker - despite a shadowy campaign to discredit it

Footage from occupied Greek TV station

3 September 2013 Earlier this summer Red Pepper co-editor Hilary Wainwright joined the occupation of Greek public broadcaster ERT.

Video: one man stops lorry

2 September 2013 Today a local resident and activist locked himself to a loaded lorry in protest against fracking.

Resisting fascism is not a crime

2 September 2013 Defend Savas Michael-Matsas and Constantinos Moutzouris

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