April 2012

Corporate EUtopia: resistance and alternatives

30 April 2012 Vicky Cann previews a movement-building conference on European austerity in Brussels this weekend

Rare Earth: Revolutionary sci fi

30 April 2012 Rare Earth, by Paul Mason, reviewed by Amanda Sebestyen

Review: La Grande Illusion

28 April 2012 As a digitally restored version is released, Michael Pooler revisits Jean Renoir's anti-war masterpiece

Beyond church and state

26 April 2012 ‘Religion’ and ‘secularism’ are not mutually exclusive categories, writes Mike Marqusee. Secularists need to focus more on the shared, public realm that has been eviscerated by neoliberalism

The Big Energy racket: democracy now!

26 April 2012 Ellen Potts explains why the Climate Justice Collective will be standing up to Big Energy in London on 3 May

Occupy Oakland: Whose streets? Our streets!

24 April 2012 Josh Healey reports on the strength and challenges of Occupy Oakland - and how it has pushed the US movement in radical directions

Broken Spring?

22 April 2012 Sami Ramadani argues that counter‑revolution has gained the upper hand in Syria and across the Arab world

Luddites of the world unite (in Huddersfield!)

22 April 2012 Ned Ludd invites you to a festival of frame smashing and handloom weaving

Interview: can changing the law save the planet?

21 April 2012 Ahead of the launch of her new book, Earth is Our Business, Polly Higgins speaks to Michael Pooler about her mission to have ‘ecocide’ recognised as an international crime

Editorial: Building a new world

20 April 2012 Social transformation is a prerequisite to securing lasting political change, writes Sarah-Jayne Clifton

Go Feminist: Feminism for all

20 April 2012 Lola Okolosie reviews the first Go Feminist conference, aimed at inspiring feminist activism

After the health bill: The end of the NHS as we know it

18 April 2012 With the health bill passed, the government is now setting about forcing the market into the NHS. Colin Leys looks at what is likely to happen next

The Olympic branding game

16 April 2012 John Hilary looks at the corporate commercial bonanza provided by sponsorship opportunities for London 2012

Airline blocks activists from travelling to Palestine

15 April 2012 Libby Powell reports on how ‘Israel has turned Palestine into a giant prison’—with no visitors allowed

The banks’ real stress test is still to come

15 April 2012 The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

Classic book: The Wretched of the Earth

14 April 2012 Richard Pithouse on The Wretched of the Earth, by Frantz Fanon

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about Margaret Thatcher

14 April 2012 'I have no wish to speak ill of the dead, even when they are still alive'

The stability obsession

14 April 2012 Ian Bruff explores the roots of Germany’s obsession with budgetary prudence and economic stability, which is driving austerity in Europe

Spain: only the resistance offers hope

13 April 2012 From the 'indignados' to elections and general strikes, Javier Navascués reflects on growing resistance to neoliberalism and austerity across Spain

Counterpower: A reservoir of hope

13 April 2012 Counterpower: Making Change Happen, by Tim Gee, reviewed by Ed Lewis

Don’t Take No for an Answer: How not to run a referendum campaign

13 April 2012 Don’t Take No for an Answer: The 2011 Referendum and the Future of Electoral Reform, by Lewis Baston and Ken Ritchie, reviewed by Callum Michaels

Banking’s groundhog day

13 April 2012 Adam Leaver turns the spotlight on elite power, democratic disconnects and the failure of financial reform in the UK. With a response by Jonathan Stevenson

Review: Revolutionary Communist at Work

12 April 2012 Revolutionary Communist at Work: A Political Biography of Bert Ramelson, by Roger Seifert and Tom Sibley, reviewed by Mary Davis

Greece: More than a demonstration, less than a revolt

12 April 2012 Alex Nunns reports from Athens on the human consequences of the austerity measures, and how they are being resisted

Why I resigned from the Green Party

12 April 2012 Joseph Healy, a founder member of the Green Left, explains why he left the Green Party of England and Wales

The Shadow World: Backstabbing, ego and disregard

11 April 2012 The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, by Andrew Feinstein, reviewed by Chris Browne

Broader horizons

11 April 2012 Mike Marqusee asks: are the emerging forms of resistance up to the challenge?

Audio: May elections – Jenny Jones interview

10 April 2012 Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate for London mayor, speaks to Red Pepper's Tim Hunt and Michael Calderbank

The Cost of Inequality: A chronicle of capitalist catastrophe

10 April 2012 The Cost of Inequality: Three Decades of the Super-Rich and the Economy, by Stewart Lansley, reviewed by Christopher Hird

The Art of Listening

10 April 2012 Andrew Filmer experiences the Tate à Tate audio tour and discovers art and activism aren't always an easy mix

A different kind of Europe? Responses to Trevor Evans

10 April 2012 How do we respond to the euro crisis? Susan George, Paolo Gerbaudo, Donatella della Porta and James Meadway write

The Assault on Universities: An education in democracy

9 April 2012 The Assault on Universities: A Manifesto for Resistance, by Michael Bailey and Des Freedman (eds), reviewed by Hilary Aked

Plan B and beyond

9 April 2012 Dexter Whitfield argues that Compass’s alternative economic strategy, Plan B, is not enough

The right to speak up in Gaza

9 April 2012 Tom Dale speaks to Abu Yazan, a leading member of Gaza Youth Break Out. He has been persecuted by Israel, Fatah and Hamas, and was in exile in Cairo when this interview was carried out in December 2011.

May elections – TUSC: Opposing all the cuts

8 April 2012 The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing candidates for the London assembly and elsewhere in the local elections on 3 May. Red Pepper spoke to Nick Wrack, a member of the TUSC national committee and number two on its slate of candidates in London

The Brighton debate: Which way for the first Green-led council?

4 April 2012 Red Pepper brings together Green councillors and Green Left activists to debate the Brighton budget

Bosses: want to know who’ll join the union? There’s an app for that!

2 April 2012 Imagine an app that would tell bosses which of his workers was most likely to want to join a union. Leigh Phillips writes on the creepier side of new technologies

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