March 2012

Venezuela’s hip-hop revolutionaries

30 March 2012 Jody McIntyre and Pablo Navarrete report on Venezuela’s Hip Hop Revolución movement

Spanish general strike: Notes from the margins

29 March 2012 Oscar Reyes reports from Barcelona on the general strike against austerity and attacks on workers' rights that gripped Spain today

Richard Wilkinson interview: ‘The Spirit Level’ three years on

27 March 2012 Tom Robinson talks to Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, the influential book on inequality which is now being made into a documentary

Criminalising squatting is the real crime

27 March 2012 As the House of Lords debates the issue today, Stuart Hodkinson looks at the real reasons behind the bid to criminalise squatting.

From kettles to courtrooms: The police crackdown on protest

25 March 2012 Nina Power explores the significance of the new policing regime facing protesters

Lancet editor and doctors write: The fight for our NHS goes on

22 March 2012 As the health bill becomes law, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, and doctors Jacky Davis and Jonathon Tomlinson issue a call to action

Budget leaves pensioners feeling battered and bruised

22 March 2012 National Pensioners Convention general secretary Dot Gibson gives her verdict on Osborne's budget

NHS: what now?

22 March 2012 Alex Nunns gives some suggestions of where the campaign against the destruction of the NHS should go from here

Rights and wrong: Why we don’t want a new bill of rights

20 March 2012 Peter Apps argues that replacing the Human Rights Act with a Tory ‘British bill of rights’ would be a bad idea

Blood, Sweat and Gear: The human cost of the Olympics

20 March 2012 Will London's Olympic legacy be sportswear sweatshops and the marginalisation of local communities? Saturday (24 March): A day of discussion and action on how we can stop the Olympic dream becoming a nightmare

A cagey business

18 March 2012 Richard Kuper reads two books which consider the grotesque realities of industrial meat production and the wilful 'forgetting' needed to accept them.

A different kind of Europe

15 March 2012 Trevor Evans outlines the basis for a progressive pan-European response to the euro crisis

Reclaim Wisconsin: solidarity across borders

14 March 2012 An international delegation of trade union leaders and union journalists are in Wisconsin, USA to mark the one year anniversary of the passage of legislation stripping public service workers’ rights in this American state. Theresa Marshall reports...

The consequences of the EU bank rescue

12 March 2012 Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.

Support the Spirit Level film!

12 March 2012 Katharine Round calls for backers to help make a documentary based on the popular book about equality

Audio: ‘Taking on the technocrats’, Red Pepper seminar

11 March 2012 Trevor Evans and Mary Kaldor speak on alternative paths for a progressive, democratic Europe

This weekend’s NHS vote is the Lib Dems’ last chance

10 March 2012 Colin Leys says party members face a choice – is loyalty to their leaders more important than the future of the health service?

Students are still in the front line – but it’s time that changed

10 March 2012 Kit Withnail calls for the rest of us to join the students' resistance

Epitaph to a generation: John Akomfrah interview

9 March 2012 Siobhan McGuirk speaks to John Akomfrah about his new film – and the 2011 riots

Dale Farm: The human cost of prejudice

3 March 2012 As the displaced residents of Dale Farm in Essex face another round of forced evictions, Elly Robson talks to some of the families and examines the discrimination they face

Iran in the crosshairs again

2 March 2012 Sabre rattling against Iran is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the threat of war isn’t real. Phyllis Bennis analyses the situation in the wider Middle East

Five demands the left can unite around?

1 March 2012 Some simple, radical demands are needed to mobilise people towards a geniune left alternative says James Bloodworth