June 2011

Developing trade unionism in the crisis

30 June 2011 Unions must rise to the challenge of the cuts by empowering local branches and developing wider civil society resistance says Huw Beynon

Unions must be political and creative

30 June 2011 By organising beyond the workplace, unions can defeat the very real threat to workers' ability to act collectively, says Jo Beardsmore

Who are the real strikers?

29 June 2011 Kai Grachy on ‘capital strikes’ and the power of big finance

Drug club: Spain’s alternative cannabis economy

29 June 2011 Nick Buxton examines the experience of cannabis social clubs in Spain

Pensions: what private finance doesn’t want you to know

27 June 2011 Richard Minns and Sarah Sexton take on the lies about retirement provision

Talking the talk

27 June 2011 Chris Browne goes to Mutiny’s latest ‘On Trial’ event

Four referenda, one huge blow for Berlusconi

22 June 2011 Italy's recent referendum results show the prime minister's struggle for power is turning from tragedy to farce, writes Paolo Gerbaudo

From kitchen sink to fish tank

19 June 2011 Siobhan McGuirk traces the history of social realism in British cinema as the genre starts to make a comeback

Milliband joins the right-wing consensus

19 June 2011 Labour leader reflects Blair and Thatcher's legacy with his latest welfare proposals, says Tom Fox

Society-wide anger

18 June 2011 Leigh Phillips talked to Debtocracy director Aris Chatzistefanou about the left and the current situation in Greece

Libya: Here we go again

18 June 2011 John Hilary questions Nato’s claims of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya

Empty tank

18 June 2011 Social realism was a strong tradition in British cinema. Clive James Nwonka argues that we need it as much as ever

Soaked in blood

17 June 2011 Lorna Stephenson reviews The Devil’s Milk: a social history of rubber by John Tully

The ladder of escape

16 June 2011 Michael Calderbank considers utopian dreaming and political engagement in the Joan Miró exhibition at Tate Modern

Maria and her mangoes

16 June 2011 Christine Haigh reviews The Fair Trade Revolution by John Bowes (ed)

No sleep (or soup) for the homeless

14 June 2011 Westminster Council’s plans to criminalise homelessness are not the first time it has tried to rid the borough of the poor, writes Ellie Schling

Chomsky to speak at Rebellious Media conference

12 June 2011 High profile line-up for October conference on media, activism and social change

Orange left sweeps Italian cities

12 June 2011 Finally Berlusconi is losing reports Paolo Gerbaudo

Manchester rambler

12 June 2011 Tim Hunt is given an unconventional tour of Manchester by Morag Rose of the Loiterers’ Resistance Movement

Turkey’s nuclear future?

11 June 2011 Michael Pooler reports from Istanbul about opposition to nuclear power in the run up to elections in Turkey

The revival – and the retreat – of the state?

7 June 2011 Ha-Joon Chang on the state response to the neoliberal crisis. But it’s the movement that matters, responds Oisín Gilmore

Reclaiming the squares: an eviction notice for Spain’s political class

3 June 2011 Cristina S Marchan reports on the uprising in Spain.

After the spring

1 June 2011 Sami Ramadani considers the response to the popular uprisings from the region’s dictators and other reactionary forces, as well as the role of imperialism

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