Under the radar

Social Workers Without Borders

1 March 2017 Jenny Nelson speaks to Lauren Wroe about a group combining activism and social work with refugees

Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants

8 December 2016 Ida-Sofie Picard introduces Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants – as told to Jenny Nelson

Greater Manchester Law Centre: fighting for justice

4 October 2016 Legal aid is a pillar of the welfare state under longstanding threat. Tanzil Chowdhury reports on the Greater Manchester Law Centre, a new project fighting back for justice.

The pesticide in our parks, gardens, food, clothes and cosmetic products

9 September 2016 Aisha Dodwell reports on the global battle to ban the chemical glyphosate

The home front

1 December 2014 Izzy Koksal reports on the London Coalition Against Poverty, which is at the forefront of direct action-based community organising

A New Deal for local government

1 October 2014 John Medhurst reports on a campaign for radical council tax reform to resist the cuts

From small seeds

1 June 2014 Chris Smaje describes how a new alliance of small-scale farmers is shaking up UK food production

Slaney Street: Birmingham’s new co-operative media project

30 May 2014 Sean Farmelo looks at the growth of a local, independent voice in Birmingham

Homes of our own: the growing student co-operative movement

15 September 2013 Sean Farmelo is part of a group of Birmingham students involved in setting up a new student housing co-op

Jordan Valley: To exist is to resist

22 May 2012 Lorna Stephenson reports on a grass-roots campaign group challenging the Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley

‘The government may have trampled over democracy but people will still be squatting’

13 December 2011 Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes meet SQUASH, the squatters’ action group who have been ignored in the anti-squatting media furore

Manchester rambler

12 June 2011 Tim Hunt is given an unconventional tour of Manchester by Morag Rose of the Loiterers’ Resistance Movement

Keeping our streets safer

7 May 2011 Isabel Parrott reports on legal and defendant support work surrounding the anti-cuts movement and student protests

Community coalition

2 January 2011 Clare Williams explains the thinking behind an innovative, union-led alliance

Trouble at the sausage factory

29 May 2010 Leeds students Andre Pusey and Leon Sealey-Huggins report on the fight against higher education cuts and its connection to the wider battle against the current neoliberal role and form of universities

Opening the gates

1 December 2009 Andrea D'Cruz talks to a group organising collective action among people on the margins of the welfare system