The World Transformed, FYI

Red Pepper’s picks of The World Transformed festival, in Brighton from 21-24 September

September 20, 2019 · 4 min read

The World Transformed 2019

Empire 2.0 – how do we end Britain’s destructive footprint on the world?

Sunday, 3.00pm–4.30pm
. The Old Market.

From empire to the present day, what impact has Britain’s international economic policy had on the rest of the world, from slavery and empire onwards, and what policies do we need to change this?

People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn government

Three parts, starting Saturday 5.30-7.00pm. TWT Activities Tent

The UK’s rolling political crisis means a general election could happen at any time and the left may stand on the threshold of power. But what happens after we win? A three-part reading group based on People Get Ready (see page 14), with the book’s authors, to discuss the headwinds facing a radical Labour government and the role of the movement in ensuring it delivers transformative change.

Fighting global fascism

Saturday, 5.30pm–7.00pm. Friends Meeting House

This session will explore the roots of the new global far-right ‘surge’ – the focus of RP’s summer issue – what we can learn from the past, and how we defeat it. This involves looking at how these far-right leaders achieve and secure their power, and how we can undermine their populist claims.

Red hacks live: journalism for the many

Sunday, 5.30pm–7.00pm. 
Green Door Store

From fake news to a crisis of representation, via myriad other issues resulting from the nature of our current media landscape, this session is for everyone interested in the problems facing journalism and how both the general public and those working in the media can start bringing change to a fundamentally neoliberal industry. Hosted by the Politics Theory Other podcast.

Political education transformed

Tuesday, 11.00am–12.30pm. Activities Tent

The last few years have heard numerous calls for education initiatives that are ‘participatory’, ‘transformative’ and go ‘beyond panels’. This workshop will think through what this might mean, consider the purpose of political education more generally and support participants to be more experimental in the events they organise.

Land for the many

Tuesday, 1.00pm–2.30pm. Komedia Studio

A session very relevant to Red Pepper’s cover focus this issue. Land lies at the heart of the housing crisis, the climate emergency and the UK’s spiralling levels of inequality. Come and discuss how to make land reform a reality.

Launching a ‘Manifesto for the movement’

Tuesday, 1.00pm–2.30pm. 
Komedia Main Space

Over the course of the four days, hundreds of festival attendees, in collaboration with policy experts, will build a ‘Manifesto for the movement’ – a radical document that will be presented to MPs at the end of the festival. This session will be the culmination of that work. With Red Pepper’s Hilary Wainwright, John McDonnell MP and others.

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The radical potential of the Corbyn project

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Take part in building a people’s manifesto for the movement

Winning elections is not enough. To transform society we need to involve the people in policy making, argue Kerem Dikerdem and Annie Quick

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Labour and reselection: the panic last time

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