The convivial, practical road to socialism: a tribute to Leo Panitch

29 December 2020 Hilary Wainwright remembers friend and mentor to many, Leo Panitch, who died on December 19, 2020

A tribute to Mike Cooley

14 September 2020 Co-creator of the Lucas Plan, Mike showed how the immense talent of workers could be deployed for social use rather than private profit, writes Phil Asquith

Narendra Makanji: activist who forced open the door for BAME people in politics

7 April 2019 Seema Chandwani pays tribute to Narendra Makanji

Remembering Jeremy Hardy

1 February 2019 A collection of highlights from Jeremy Hardy's columns for Red Pepper, and memories from his time in the movement

‘How we will miss that chuckle’: my friend, Doreen Massey

15 March 2016 Hilary Wainwright on the life, theory, activism and humour of Doreen Massey, the great feminist geographer, who has died

Mike Marqusee: A contender for the living

19 January 2015 Mike Marqusee was an extraordinary writer and activist who enriched the left in the UK and internationally, writes James O'Nions

Tributes to Mike Marqusee from around the web

14 January 2015 Everyone at Red Pepper is devastated by the loss of our inspiring columnist Mike Marqusee

Roy Bhaskar obituary

4 December 2014 One of the most influential voices in the philosophy of science and a political revolutionary, writes David Graeber.

Gerry Conlon: A thirst for justice

1 August 2014 Eamonn McCann reflects on the life of Gerry Conlon of the Guildford Four, who became a fighter for justice

Gabriel García Marquez: much more than magical realism

18 April 2014 Matt Carr pays tribute to the author Gabriel García Márquez

Bob Crow’s wider vision

1 April 2014 Bernard Regan laments the loss of the socialist fighter and internationalist Bob Crow

Tony Benn’s ideas live on – and still have the potential to create a new society

27 March 2014 John McDonnell MP looks back at the Bennite programme of the early 1980s and its relevance to the struggles of today

Labour’s lost leader

27 March 2014 Leo Panitch assesses the legacy of Tony Benn

Tony Benn really was ‘dangerous’ – to the establishment

15 March 2014 Hilary Wainwright looks back at how Tony Benn's frustrations in government spurred him to spend his life fighting for real democracy

Why I am an unrepentant Bennite

14 March 2014 Mike Marqusee remembers one of the great modern communicators of the socialist cause

The spirit of Stuart Hall

19 February 2014 Hilary Wainwright remembers the power of Stuart Hall’s being and thought

The urgent legacy of Stuart Hall

17 February 2014 Hall's ideas and example are crucial for understanding, and for changing, the twenty-first century world, writes Jeremy Gilbert

Kenny Bell: From loss to living legacy

28 August 2011 Kenny Bell stood for a distinctive, strategic and effective kind of trade unionism writes Hilary Wainwright

Jane Barker: One of us

4 August 2011 Jim Keoghan remembers a socialist feminist union researcher and activist

Basil Davidson: a fine writer and fighter

7 May 2011 Richard Gott looks at the life of a very British sort of dissenter

Jayaben Desai: Waking the generals

4 February 2011 Amrit Wilson shares memories of Grunwick strike leader Jayaben Desai

An awkward customer

25 July 2010 Michael Barratt Brown celebrates the achievements of his close friend and comrade Ken Coates, pointing to their wider importance for us all