People power in the driverless city

18 December 2017 We need to make sure that the benefits of driverless transport are shared by all, writes Alex May

High-speed rail is a rich man’s plaything

6 July 2012 HS2 will benefit a few corporate centres and leave everyone else behind, argues Mike Geddes

Cycle city Kathmandu

12 February 2012 Jennie O’Hara meets Nepali campaigners seeking to tackle pollution and inequality by transforming their capital into a cycle-friendly city

Roads to freedom

4 July 2011 Rachel Aldred considers a city humanised by sustainable transport

Flight fight

30 January 2008 With plans for a third runway at Heathrow currently under consultation and airports cross the UK looking to expand, David Matthews surveys the new coalitions linking local residents' opposition to environmental concerns about climate change

Planes, trains and caravan-mobiles

1 August 2007 Reduce your carbon footprint - and your guilt quotient - by opting for ethical modes of holiday transport. By Tamanna Kalhar

Take that, groupies!

1 December 2006 Dear Auntie, As a music-obsessed greenie, the recent spate of bands reforming after years of obscurity has got me in a fix. The desire to get back in the saddle and start trailing my favourite band on tour across the globe is becoming stronger with every second that Take That! spend creating their new album. How do I reconcile my desire to be a transnational groupie to early-1990s has-beens with my environmental obligations? Is there any way of obsessively trailing my idols without resorting to multiple short-haul flights? Martha Owen, Chester

Flying shame

1 March 2005 John Stewart looks at the environmental impact of aviation and assesses the alternatives.

Taking the pledge

1 November 2004 The campaign to prevent airport expansion is gathering early momentum

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