Sex Work

Ntando Yam: theatre as protest

28 August 2020 Phoebe Kisubi reflects on using participatory theatre as a tool for social and political activism among sex workers in Cape Town, South Africa

Not for little sister

25 October 2007 Laurie Penny finds only middle-class male fantasy in Billie Piper's call girl

Your money, my body

17 September 2007 Following a series of murders of sex workers in Ipswich in December 2006, Red Pepper asked whether finally it was time to decriminalise prostitution. Juliet, a sex workers' rights activist, said it was. The anti-prostitution campaigners, Assumpta Sabuco Cantó and Charo Luque Gálvez, said it wasn't

No compromise over commercial sex

17 September 2007 Tina King says paying for sex can never be right

Dogmatic and deeply flawed

17 September 2007 Sociologist Tim Davies argues against the radical feminist position on prostitution

Family allowance

17 September 2007 Norman White explains why he pays for his son to see prostitutes

A woman’s choice

17 September 2007 'I'm a woman and I have paid for sex. My decision, my choice.' Kirsty Travers explains why she sees nothing wrong in hiring a prostitute

Woman for Sale

5 May 2000 The selling of women into prostitution has been growing across Europe during the past decade, but rather than solve the problem the international community has become complicit with the traffickers in Bosnia, reports John McGhie