Seminar series ‘Bloomsbury Confrontations’ launches tonight

Student group Better Economics UCLU launching seminar series on the economics UCL won't teach

February 10, 2014 · 2 min read

Following the 2008 financial crisis and the failure of mainstream economists to anticipate and convincingly explain the crash the search for alternative economic theories has exploded. In October of last year undergraduate students at Manchester University made headlines when, in response to what they saw as a failure on the part of the university to adequately diversify its economics syllabus, set up the Post-Crash Economics Society. At the heart of this project is a belief that economics courses at Manchester University and many more throughout the UK neglect radical alternatives to the dominant neoclassical, free market school of thought and focus too heavily on training for the employment market. The Post-Crash Economics Society is, however, by no means unique amongst UK universities.

Launch of alternative economics seminar series

Formed in 2012, Better Economics UCLU, a student group challenging the neoclassical consensus in UCL Economics, is tonight (Monday, February 10) launching its ‘Bloomsbury Confrontations’ seminar series. The series of five lectures aims to create a ‘space for the exploration of progressive, radical, new and forgotten economics’ and to ‘bring together the thinkers and doers fighting to transform the dismal science’.

The first seminar explores assumptions around ‘rational’ behaviour and neoclassical ideas of ‘homo economicus’ and starts at  18:00 pm in Room B06, Drayton House, UCL. The full event description is online here. RSVP via Facebook or Eventbrite. For the full list of seminars click here.

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