Review – I Want to Believe: Posadism, UFOs and apocalypse communism by A M Gittlitz

22 November 2020 Despite its outlandish reputation, A M Gittlitz's analysis of Posadism shows there is value in occasionally indulging in fanciful thinking, writes Dawn Foster.

Review essay – ‘Clear Bright Future’ and ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’

17 December 2019 Two well-known voices on the British left, Paul Mason and Aaron Bastani, have outlined what they see as the revolutionary potential of technology. K. Biswas reviews their visions

Audio: Science roundtable

13 August 2011 Listen to Red Pepper’s roundtable on science, corporates and democracy.

Out of the laboratory

13 August 2011 Emma Hughes hosts a Red Pepper roundtable on science

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about genes

30 November 2010 Are our political opinions in the blood?