Radical cities

The downfall of Robin Hood Energy

8 September 2020 The sale of Robin Hood Energy doesn’t mean public ownership doesn’t work, but that we need to be more ambitious, argues Edward Dingwall

Municipalist France!

18 August 2020 The recent wave of local election victories in France demonstrates the potential of municipalism, argues Xavi Ferrer, Elena Arrontes and the Collective for Global Municipalism

Building power through retrofit

14 August 2020 Municipal-led retrofit can play a vital role in tackling both economic inequality and the climate crisis whilst helping build a transformative social movement, argues Alex King

Radical cities: Montreal

1 April 2015 Andrew Winchur offers a quick guide to the radical capital of North America

Newcastle: the pretty and the (not so) gritty

6 August 2014 Michelle Zellers takes us on a tour of Newcastle, sharing the city’s radical history, its green spaces and where to head for a night out on the Tyne

Belo Horizonte: Culture brews from below

16 June 2014 A thriving alternative scene occupies buildings and streets in one of Brazil’s largest cities. Tom Gatehouse takes us on a tour

Naples: A city centred

4 June 2013 The media image of Naples as a dirty, crime-ridden, industrial dump masks the hidden life of a much maligned and misunderstood city, writes Nick Dines

Tokyo, behind the bright lights

4 January 2013 Mark Pendleton shows us round the Japanese capital, a hive of anti-nuclear activism

Barcelona: Neighbourhoods of noise

4 June 2012 Anna Gurney offers a guided tour to resistance past and present in the Catalan capital of Barcelona

Radical cities: A guide to Nablus, Palestine

22 February 2012 Simply visiting Palestine can be a radical act. Sarah Irving suggests that the city of Nablus should be on any visitor’s itinerary

Toronto tales

20 December 2011 Juliette Daigre and Tom Malleson guide us round Canada’s most radical city

Bristol: Chameleon skin, seditious heart

2 September 2011 Bristol has a progressive social fabric that sustains radical thinkers, artists and activists. Dan Iles shows us round

Copenhagen: Something radical in the state of Denmark

24 July 2011 Copenhagen offers much of interest to visiting lefties

Radical road round Dublin

7 May 2011 Donal Fallon kicks off this new feature as he takes us on a tour of the Irish capital