Black Lives Matter: crisis shutdown
Kojo Kyerewaa introduces Black Lives Matter UK

“In Ferguson, a wound bleeds” – open letter from protesters
Protestors in Ferguson have posted an open letter after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown back in August 2014

Blair Peach: Blood on the streets
David Renton recalls the events in Southall in 1979 at which the anti-fascist demonstrator, Blair Peach, was murdered by police

My spy
Mark Thomas and Merrick Badger met at the Edinburgh Fringe festival to discuss their experiences of being spied on

How the cops try to predict our next move
As civil dissent ramps up, UK secret police discover new modes of repression. Kevin Blowe reports on cops, ‘kettles’ and a database profiling thousands of activists

Untouchables: a different way to make sense of Leveson
Untouchables: dirty cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard, by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn, reviewed by Kevin Blowe

The Olympics’ security legacy
Hosting the Olympics could have a serious impact on the civil liberties of people in east London, writes local resident and community activist Kevin Blowe

From kettles to courtrooms: The police crackdown on protest
Nina Power explores the significance of the new policing regime facing protesters

Unfair cops: it’s not about ‘bad apples’
After the News of the World scandal and the death of Mark Duggan, Val Swain asks ‘who will police the police?’

For the record: what the police will know about you
Val Swain looks at how the police are set to grab even more 'intelligence' data

Policing the police
The police are no more our servants than corporations or the media. Kevin Blowe examines how the government's increasingly authoritarian approach to crime and security has enabled the police to emerge from a series of scandals and controversies with their powers enhanced. He argues that campaigners need to radically rethink their approach to policing in Britain

From Orgreave to the City
Police brutality during public disturbances is nothing new. Neither is the tendency of the mainstream media to repeat police claims of provocation by demonstrators uncritically. Rhian Jones sketches the recent history, highlighting what is distinctive about the situation today

Off the ball
Ordinary football fans are often the victims of the sort of policing that hit the headlines in the G20 protests. Steve Powell from the Football Supporters' Federation calls foul on the abuse of police powers

Stop and search under the Terrorism Act
The Terrorism Act of 2000 dramatically increased police powers to stop and search. David Mery gives the lowdown

Give it arrest
Tariq Mehmood tells how he suffered at the hands of police stop and search

Watching the watchers
How does the argument go again - it's only those with something to hide who object to increasing surveillance? So the same applies to 'sousveillance', doesn't it, and turning the came ras on those who normally do the surveillance? By Clare Coatman

A fair cop: the police and the public
Our special feature, to be continued in future issues and on our website, looks at policing - and policing the police - in modern Britain

FIT for purpose?
SchNEWS swings a long lens towards state surveillance