# People’s Europe

protestors march with red banner saying stop tory brexit

No shock doctrine for Britain: Stop Boris Johnson

29 August 2019 Director of Global Justice Now, Nick Dearden, calls for swift action to stop Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament

Sowing the seeds of a new economy

7 August 2014 Practical alternative economic models are rapidly taking shape in practice in Catalonia. Are the indignados finally harvesting? asks Peter de Jong

Confronting Neoliberalism in Europe

6 August 2014 Dick Barbor-Might speaks to Sol Trumbo Vila of the Transnational Institute.

The end of tolerance and the new populism

30 June 2014 Talk of growing Eurosceptic fringe groups masks ideological difference behind a single label of reactionary populism. Marina Prentoulis and Lasse Thomassen urge the left to show its new face

Blockupy and beyond

30 June 2014 The blockade of the European Central Bank in 2012 and 2013 started as a German initiative but has triggered an international movement responding to a Europe in crisis, writes Corinna Genschel

Resisting water privatisation under austerity

30 June 2014 With important victories at the local, national and regional level, the Water Movement provides key lessons for the resistance against the privatisation of public services in Europe, write Satoko Kishimoto and Olivier Petitjean

Network movements and the new ‛social atmosphere’

30 June 2014 New forms of social mobilisation by networked movements have created a new "social atmosphere" that is already having an irreversible impact on other more traditional social and political actors and their practices, writes Bernardo Gutiérrez

Beyond the European elections, another left-wing force is growing in Europe

20 June 2014 Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory reports back from mobilisations against austerity and big business around the EU elections

Can the birthplace of democracy provide the seeds of its renewal?

24 May 2014 The Syriza candidate for mayor of Athens is not promising to govern on the people's behalf, writes Hilary Wainwright, but together with a wide range of citizens' social organisations

In Italy, we don’t have a common left party, so we asked individuals to form the Tsipras list

20 May 2014 Lisa Mittendrein and Martin Konecny interview activists from the Bologna group of the Tsipras list, an alliance of individuals and social movements united behind SYRIZA's Alexis Tsipras in the upcoming European elections

Labourstart Global Solidarity Conference opens this Friday in Berlin

20 May 2014 Trade unionists from across the globe to meet to share ideas and strategies and to build transnational links

Take action

13 May 2014 Here are just some of the Europe-wide coordinated actions you can support before the European elections come to an end.

Brussels event: The People’s Tribunal

13 May 2014 Two day event to analyse and expose EU policy measures since 2008 financial crisis

Red Pepper event: What should the Left be demanding of Europe?

6 May 2014 Red Pepper hosts a special event in London on 20 May in the run up to the European Elections to look at the possibilities for an alternative, democratic Europe

Portugal: The Carnation Revolution remembered

25 April 2014 On the 40th anniversary, Dick Barbor-Might looks back on a coup against a dictator that sparked a wider revolutionary upsurge

Sweden’s Great Welfare Heist

19 April 2014 How Sweden’s public services were stolen, and how people are fighting to take them back. By Adam Bott

How an anti-airport occupation became a battle for France’s future

15 April 2014 Emilie Papillon reports from the ZAD – an occupation of the site of a proposed airport that has turned into something more

A collective responsibility: reproductive rights in crisis across Europe

6 April 2014 Rachael Ferguson and Gwyneth Lonergan argue that Europe’s austerity drive is deepening gender inequality and sparking a new wave of attacks on women’s reproductive rights

Why you’re wrong about Ukraine

6 April 2014 Gabriel Levy on Putin’s war, the Maidan movement and the new Ukrainian government

The centre cannot hold

25 March 2014 Leigh Phillips considers what the crumbling of support for mainstream parties means for the fortunes of the left and right in the coming European elections

Fighting fracking in Poland: the farmers’ resistance movement

25 March 2014 An improverished farming community in Żurawlów is using creative tactics to stop Chevron’s shale gas plans, writes Marta Rozmysłowicz

Democracy is nobody’s business

25 March 2014 Vicky Cann from Corporate Europe Observatory explains how politicians, corporations and lobbyists have put the cocktail reception at the heart of decision making in Brussels

A lack of ambition on climate

25 March 2014 Oscar Reyes explains why the EU is off target with its new 2030 climate plan

Bosnia in revolt

25 March 2014 Adam Blanden asks whether the social movement can win in the Balkans

The EU’s arms traders are ignoring human rights for short-term profits

25 March 2014 Andrew Smith looks at the hypocrisy of European arms sales to the Middle East and Africa